Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 1

Wise Woman’s Way by Berta Parrish has the subtitle of “A Guide to Growing Older with Purpose and Passion”. As I have often said, understanding my purpose and passion continue to be a challenge for me in my retirement transition. I was also intrigued with the use of the Wise Woman archetype. This blog captures … Continue reading Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 1

Spirituality Reading – Cliff Notes on Ageless Soul

In Ageless Soul - The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning and Joy by Thomas Moore, he presents the concept of actively aging versus simply growing old. I was intrigued by the subtitle of this book as it brought in my word of the year (journey) as well as the concept of life meaning. From the beginning … Continue reading Spirituality Reading – Cliff Notes on Ageless Soul

Revisiting the To Work or Not to Work Dilemma

Since publishing my book, Retirement Transition: An Innovation Approach (available on line at Amazon), I’ve gotten into a few conversations about working and retirement.   Some have questioned, “If you’re working at all, are you really retired?” (Yes, you can be.)  Others have stated, “Of course you should work at least part time, otherwise you’re not … Continue reading Revisiting the To Work or Not to Work Dilemma

Meditation Series on Gratitude

Another 21-day Meditation Series from the Chopra Center (link) was very inspirational for my Personal Spirituality exploration.   Spirituality exploration is one of my action plan items this year; as I worked through the holistic life domains in my Retirement Transition Process (see my book on Amazon), this was a domain area I felt needed more … Continue reading Meditation Series on Gratitude

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

I’ve enjoyed a number of the free meditation series offered by the on-line Chopra Center (link)  This blog post summarizes some of the insights I gathered from the one on Healing the Whole Self.   As part of my retirement transition, I am actively trying to live a healthier lifestyle and I hoped this meditation series … Continue reading Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Official Announcement – It’s Here

I am super excited to announce that my book Retirement Transition is now available online at both Amazon (link) and Barnes & Noble (link). Why a book?  I was inspired by a couple of colleagues through the years who published their own books (Joanna Z and Mike T), encouraged by many, many friends who insisted … Continue reading Official Announcement – It’s Here

Retirement Voices – Share your story, too.

I had the opportunity to input to a Retirement Voices book, an idea from Leslie Inman and Roxanne Jones. In their own words, “We’re creating a book entitled Voices from the Other Side…of Retirement. It will be a guide for soon-to-be-retiring women, with advice, lessons learned and stories from women who’ve already left the working world—a … Continue reading Retirement Voices – Share your story, too.