Throwback Thursday – What’s Possible?

Part 3 of my Throwback Thursday series, linking back to some of the core Retirement Transition How-to’s, looks at IMAGINE, the second phase of the Retirement Transition process (detailed in my book – link here).  Imagine is about listing all the possibilities for your next stage of life. My own Possibilities List continues to get things added to it even now, as I am inspired by others or by things I read.  Plus it’s been super fun to “check things off’’. 

In the Imagine phase you create a “Possibilities for Life” list.  This list is more than just a task list of honey-do projects or a bucket list of all those places you want to visit (although those things are on it as well). It’s a list of all the possible things you might consider in this next stage of your life – activities to try, places to see, experiences to have, foods to try, things to learn. My own Possibilities List originally had over 200 items on it in my first foray through the Retirement Transition Process.

Here are some throwback posts on creating your own Possibilities List:

Imagine the Possibilities – Sept 2015

What’s on Your List – June 2016

Do you have an idea for me to add to my Possibilities List?

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