Dabbling in Human Design

I’ve mentioned before I like to dabble. I’ve dabbled in Feng Shui, Chakra healing, crystals, astrology, new moon rituals, and Tarot readings.  I’ve also dabbled in “personality” understanding.  I’ve heard the negatives on almost all the personality and strength tests but in general find that if you use them for self-reflection and how to grow as an individual (versus using them for stereotyping or as a cop-out for not changing bad habits), they can be motivational.

My Retirement Transition work took me into deep Self-Discovery where I explored my core values, strengths, and interests.  Beyond the old Myers-Briggs, Discover your Strengths, and Birkman profiles I had done in the past, I explored Spiritual Strengths (link here) and found the insights on “how we think” and shadows to strengths fascinating. Recently, with Positive Psychology exploration I’ve relooked at my VIA Signature Strengths because recognizing and activating your Signature Strengths is one of the key elements for happiness. Once you know (acknowledge) your Signature Strengths, you design your life to use your strengths more (activities, awareness, and thinking processes), and celebrate accomplishments in those areas. This leads to higher life satisfaction.

During the pandemic I also delved deeply into Enneagram, another personality tool that helps one understand conditioned stress responses and gives insight into personal development. (link here to on-line info and link here to my post about it)  Enneagram is one of the current “hot tools” in the corporate world and I’ve found it personally helpful in accepting others as they are.  Both my Positive Psychology insights and Enneagram insights were built into my 21 for 21 Actions thinking.

Even more recently I had two different individuals link me into Human Design profiling. (link here to on-line info)  I’ve just started dabbling here and am not sure how deep I’m going to delve, as it is extremely complicated!  And I am also trying to decide, really how much more self-discovery do I need?  Ironically my Human Design profile is a 1/3, which is an Investigating Adaptor, so this feeling of not exploring deeper feels “wrong”!

1/3 Key Characteristics include being deeply self-absorbed and seeking a solid foundation to feel secure.  I fulfill my high need for security with gaining deep knowledge. Knowledge seeking is combined with a lifelong “exploration by trial and error” because I need first hand experience of what does and does not work.  I am driven to investigate, have a detail focus, and need to know “how does this affect me.”  I find the best way to do things – the how (find the structure, adapt it to myself), and then share it. 

Is this new self-knowledge?  Not really.

Do I want to delve into all aspects of Human Design and become an expert?  Not sure!

Have you explored Human Design personality profiling?  How did you use it?

A couple of quick updates on life: Hurricane Elsa was downgraded to a Tropical Storm, did not have a direct hit on us, and storm surge was less than predicted.  So no physical damage at all.  I did however learn how to acquire and use sand bags (new skill!). So far I’ve only killed 2 of the new plants (of 15) and am putting together plans for getting a few more (container shade ones this time).  And I’m slowly working through The Peach Truck’s pounds of peaches with new recipes.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Dabbling in Human Design

  1. i really liked the part where you pointed out that all of these tools don’t really matter too much if we are using them to make excuses for ourselves. but they’re so helpful when you use them for self awareness and personal growth.

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  2. I took a look at this Human Design stuff but I don’t know if I can concentrate hard enough to make sense of all of this. It seems very deep. And I am not certain what time I was born. I guess I could check my birth certificate? I appreciate what you said about using Enneagram to better be able to understanding or accepting others as they are. I felt like both Enneagram and the Five Love Languages gave me insight into Paul and my daughters. Sometimes, though, I think I am afraid to know myself better.

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  3. How interesting to read about your self-discovery and dabbling. I did quite a bit of that when I felt “lost” coming away from family and friends along with work and a home of our own. I quite enjoyed the processes but as time has gone by I know what I need and works for me well. A day with some quiet mindfulness, some interaction in the real world, time to chat with my husband, some social media interaction and some creativity like my art.

    Glad your storm was downgraded and your plants are doing OK too!

    Thank you for linking up for LifeThisWeek. It’s always good to see you link up a post. Next week, the optional prompt is 29/51 Please. 19 July. I will be sharing a post about Head and Neck Cancer in the lead up to World Head & Neck Cancer Day 27.7.2021. Gotta keep the awareness happening! Take care, Denyse.

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  4. Well that was an interesting heading and something I’ve not heard of before. I’ve done all sorts of dabbling into personality analysis in work situations which have been very interesting and useful, but I’m not sure I’ll be doing any more delving into what makes me tick – mainly because there’s never enough hours in the day to do all the other things I want to do. Hope you’re enjoying the discoveries and good news the storm missed you. Christine

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  5. I haven’t heard of that one. I think all of them have their uses – it’s just which method resonates the most. Anything that helps identify potentials and help make the most of them (as well as assisting with management of more challenging aspects) has value.

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  6. Hi Pat – I often find that these type of analysis programs confirm things we already know about ourselves – sometimes they may highlight something we need to work on – and that’s always helpful. Glad the cyclone missed you – it would have been a pretty miserable welcome to the area otherwise – and good luck with keeping the remaining plants alive.

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