My First Book Interview!

As many of you know, I went outside my comfort zone and published my book about Retirement Transition.  As some have pointed out to me, many people (especially many bloggers) dream about writing a book, but few work actually do.   Recently I was reminded that a dream is not a goal without actual plans to achieve it;  if you never take action, it is merely a fantasy.   So with the encouragement of some friends (both on-line  and IRL) I turned my dream into reality and executed the plan, self-publishing my book!

Now, I’ve been informed, the new plan needs to be promoting the book.  I am not a marketer, but I’ve had advice from a few.  Once again, this is going outside my comfort zone!  Self-promotion has never been a strong point for me.   So I am very pleased when someone reaches out to help.    I’ve given my first interview about writing the book!

I am so pleased to be highlighted on Sue’s blog.  “Sizzling Sue” is a wonderful blogger from Australia.  Also relatively recently retired, she is an active blogger and FB-er, a runner, a grandma, and a caregiver…. among other things.  She has inspired me many times with her insights into healthy living and thriving in retirement.  Please check out the interview she did with me here:

Sue asked some great questions about my writing inspiration and writing process.   I hope you enjoy learning more about it, as well as check out some of Sue’s other posts.






6 thoughts on “My First Book Interview!

  1. I really enjoyed Sue’s interview with you, Pat. I downloaded the Kindle version of the book shortly after you announced it, have probably read 3/4 of it, and embarrassingly have been struggling to get back to finishing it. All I can say is that I’ve enjoyed all of it so far except those nasty quizzes and tests you make us take. Honestly, it’s like I’m back in school! 🙂 This post has lit a fire under me to get back and finish a wonderful read. – Marty

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    1. LOL. I love quizzes! I just had one sent to me about creativity style – it’ll probably get into a blog soon. But I also love charts and frameworks and lists. You’ll have to admit, the book is authentic to me. Hope you enjoy finishing it.

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