Official Announcement – It’s Here

I am super excited to announce that my book Retirement Transition is now available online at both Amazon (link) and Barnes & Noble (link).

Why a book?  I was inspired by a couple of colleagues through the years who published their own books (Joanna Z and Mike T), encouraged by many, many friends who insisted I had it in me (too numerous to name!), had rediscovered a love of writing as I went through my own retirement transition (hence a blog), realized a desire to continue to be the “sage” I was at work, and found a deep need to have an identity statement (published author).  Therefore, I crafted a book about retirement transition that shares my journey in a way to help others.


So much of retirement planning focuses on the financial planning, providing guidance on investment balance, cash flow management, and how much should you save. But very little talks about How-to-Define the hopefully many days after the big day. What about all the non-financial elements of retirement? I read many other books but didn’t find one that really guided me in figuring out what this next post-career life stage could be.

As I’ve learned in my own transition, here is no longer any cookie-cutter vision for retirement life; the old paradigms of retirement are falling away for new 21st Century Retirement Lifestyles. The options can feel endless; and some people will just tell you what you should do (without knowing if it’s right for you).  Unfortunately there is no perfect list of “Five Things To Do” for a happy retirement. So, how do you create YOUR best retirement?

Retirement Transition is designed to walk you through creating your own 21st Century Retirement Lifestyle. This book outlines a How-To process based on a proven Innovation Process and has many practical tools and exercises to:

  • Articulate your high priority core VALUES.
  • Know which SKILLS and STRENGTHS you want/have in this next life stage.
  • Understand what MOTIVATES you and what INTERESTS you.
  • Clarify the important ROLES you will have in this next life stage.
  • Generate ideas and insights into your future using a holistic LIFE DOMAINS framework.
  • Craft a LIFE VISION statement and have joint “me, you, we” conversations, if needed.
  • Explore POSSIBILITIES and learn how to CHOOSE which to focus on.
  • Begin ACTIVATING your 21st Century Retirement Lifestyle Vision.
  • Understand your personal BARRIERS to getting new things or new habits started.

I’ve covered many of these topics in my blogging, and a few blog posts are reproduced in the book.  But the book has a lot more – suggested tools, exercises, and worksheets to fill out so you can design your best retirement.  As I’ve quoted in the book, your retirement lifestyle will happen, by design of by default. I recommend doing it by design!

Please check my book out, for yourself… or for a friend who might be starting their retirement transition journey.  Yes, this is a blatant self-promotion!


Amazon link

Barnes & Noble Link

13 thoughts on “Official Announcement – It’s Here

  1. Just bought your book and excited to dig into it. I’ve been retired now for a little over a year now and am really finding it hard to get in a groove and find out what I really want to do. I’m just 57 (lol) and need some projects. Excited to read your book and see if it can’t help me find some answers. Love your blog. Congratulations on your book.

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    1. Kathi, I’m so excited you bought the book and hope you enjoy it and also find it useful. One thing I will advise, retirement transition can takes years to get into the groove, as you say. So don’t beat yourself up. Some people get it quickly and some take a long time… I was one who took a long time. Things happened to derail me (twice), so it was almost 4 years before I felt like I was in a groove! Try on some things (projects) and experiment. I did lots of experiments … many did not work in helping me find “the” project or passion area, but they ended up being learning experiences and something to talk about. They did give me fun things to do, even if they did not end up being the “really want to do” thing…and I found out I like to experiment with things. So this year, Ive got a goal of 101 New Things to try. I do know, you will find your groove. The fact that you bought the book to try and find it tells me so!


  2. Hi Pat! Congratulations! Anyone who takes the time, dedication and focus to write a book deserves to be acknowledged. And there is nothing like holding that creation in your hands for the first time! I’m sure your book will be very helpful to everyone either getting ready to retire or there at the gate. May your book be an amazing success! ~Kathy

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