Vision Board 2019

Creating vision boards is one tool I am using to help clarify my retirement lifestyle vision. I created one in January to see if my word of the year, Journey, would come to life visually. The first thing I realized on completing the board is – My vision boards are becoming a bit repetitive. Or in a more positive view, they are consistent! My retirement life vision continues to be consistent. And the theme of Journey for this year still feels right.

Create the Vision. Plan the Path. Live the Journey.

The center of my vision board is BEING ACTIVE. 

vision baord 2019

Being more active continues to be a big part of my retirement lifestyle vision – from Physical Activity (movement) for health to Out & About activity for all kinds of reasons including fun, connection, and mental stimulation. So being active is the center.   And surrounding it are the elements of living the Journey of my vision:

  • Writing – From overcoming the “who do you think you are?” by publishing and promoting the book to regular blogging sharing my musings. Writing is one of the components of my PLAY WITH WORDS retirement lifestyle vision – reading, writing, blogging, crosswords, Scrabble. Interesting that writing is an element that is “in the past” on the vision board… solidly established in the journey. It is also intriguing that writing and spirituality bookend the vision board – in color and tone.
  • The BEACH – This popped in my last vision board and our snowbird adventure, beach yoga, and beach walks all fit into my retirement lifestyle vision. Again, the beach is “in the past” on the vision board… solidly established in the journey.
  • Activities – There are lots of elements of movement – walking the beach, walking with friends, biking, yoga, SUP. This is solidly in the present, both on my vision board and in real life.
  • HOME & FRIENDS – Connections are apparently inclusive of wine & food! It’s intriguing to me that home & connections are on the future end of my vision board; connections continue to be a work in progress for me. It makes me consider what more there is to do here.
  • Plan Next Adventure(s). In the future and yes, absolutely needs to be done.
  • Some newer specific elements:
    1. Self-Care – taking the time for things I love, being mindful, journaling, practicing gratitude.
    2. Nourish – eat better.   In past vision boards, it’s been part of Healthy Habits and is an area that needs some more focused planning for healthier eating – Less sugar. Less fats. Less processed foods. More real food. More fresh fruits and vegetables. More whole grains.
    3. Meditate – I do active meditation with journaling, but will continue to explore the breathing meditation.
    4. Moving forward, some NEW THINGS popping up – Crafts! Playtime! Now that my book is in publication, perhaps there is some other creative outlet I will have fun exploring.
  • Spirituality – a brand new element and intriguingly, visualized as a path. How will I be exploring spirituality this year?

My 2019 vision board has all elements of the retirement lifestyle I want to be living.  I have Created the Vision.  I have put the many of Plans in Place – the paths are there.   How it is Living the Journey! 

Have you tried creating a vision board for your retirement lifestyle? 


(If interested, I’ve written in past posts how to create a vision board.)

Visual from our African Safari 2017 – Serengetti Sunrise

27 thoughts on “Vision Board 2019

  1. I love all the elements of your vision board, Pat. I have not made a formal vision board in many years, but I have covered a white board with goals and inspiring quotes. Then, of course, I have my bucket lists. Still, in planning for my retirement, a vision board may be just the thing. Thanks for giving me the idea. #MLSTL

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    1. Christie, You’re welcome! Vision boards are not for everyone, but I enjoy the process of creating one and then having it visible (I hang it near where I do my morning journaling). To me it overlaps with other things like my action plans/goals and bucket lists, but is a bit less structured. Hope you’ll share one when you do it!


  2. Vision boards are something that can be really helpful Pat. I’ve tried making one and it was fun, but I don’t think I relate to visual things like this all that well. It’s like I make one and then tick it off as done rather than using it as inspiration in an ongoing way. I guess I’m more a written word kind of gal. I could still really admire yours though and all the impetus it’s creating in your life.
    MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Leanne, Vision boards are not for everyone. I’ve learned that mine also have lots of words on them…I’m a word-girl for sure. In fact, I think the latest one has more words than pictures. LOL.


  3. Hi Pat, I have a woman I am working with at the moment and I suggested she keep a vision book with the various areas of her life. This seems to be working for her. I think Vision Boards or some way to put your dreams and goals front and centre are an excellent tool to keep us focused and motivated. Thank you for sharing yours and also I love your newer specific elements you have added. It is always a pleasure to have you join us at #MLSTL and I wish you a beautiful week. xx

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    1. Sue, I like the idea of a vision book with sections on various areas of life. I was going to do a bullet journal this year, but have not gotten it started yet (my current calendar journal approach is working for me, so wanted to finish that one before starting another.) That might be a good build for it as well…with spirituality and play as new sections, perhaps!


      1. Hi Pat, yes the lady I am working with has really taken to the idea. She has about 3 or 4 sections of areas in her life that she wants to pursue. Yesterday, we also discussed the importance of just going back through the book and reviewing regularly. Sometimes our initial ideas or dreams change so reviewing regularly helps to redefine our goals. Have a great day and I’d love to see your vision book if you make one. x.


    1. Marty, LOL. I have started contemplating that. Maybe something inspirational. I don’t think I can master the dialogue, description, character development, and plot twists for writing a novel! But I’m also thinking something more art-based. I’ve always wanted to create jewelry…and have bought beads one & off for years. Or maybe work in mixed media with them. Still contemplating what…since everything is physically up north for that work.

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  4. Clearly, you were a Products Researcher. 😂. I’ll have to confess that I’ve never used a vision board. Physically, I would have a hard time because I just don’t have magazines. I suppose I could scour the web and print out pictures to use. However, I am probably a little more verbal, though I certainly like images. I tend to carry around mental “vision boards”. For example, I have a very clear picture in my mind’s eye of what my shop should look like ideally, but reality is a sad representation of that ultimate vision. Maybe if I committed The Ideal to a physical form, it would help drive the transformation??

    One analog of a vision board with which I am familiar and used a lot is mind mapping. If you are not familiar with the concept, think about writing a book that describes how to get from every location in your state to every other location. Imagine how thick that would be! If only there was a better way……… Ever heard of a road map? It reduces all of that wordy clutter to a relatively simple, one-page diagram. Mind mapping is similar. One takes what could be a very complex topic with dozens of interconnections and reduces it to a diagram. It is similar to a vision board in that it reduces a lot of verbiage and maybe complex interrelationships to a fairly self-explanatory, one-page representation. It may or may not contain images, but more often than not, it is purely verbal.

    It looks like you are on the right track. When you find your vision boards becoming consistent, it means you are probably converging on the elements of your life that bring you joy and fulfillment. I think it’s important to sustain and nurture that core, while still giving yourself permission to deviate outside your comfort zone from time to time, because we all know that’s where the magic happens! Good luck.

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    1. Bob, I’ve done mind-mapping quite a few times and used simplified one’s to help explain connections (I’m a Products Researcher remember – teehee). I actually think my vision board this year is my subconscious giving me validation that I am doing the right things for me.

      And as I’ve pointed out to others, if you really want to create a vision board (not that you do), magazines from Half-Price Books is a good option.

      There’s a difference in creating one to “answer a question” versus bring to life a clear vision. finding images vis search is bringing to life a clear vision (your ideal workshop for example) and having it outside your brain can have the effect of bringing more Universe connection to make it happen. (A little new-agey, but I’ve seen it happen) One to answer a question (what is Journey, what is my ideal 2019) allows your subconscious brain to sort through images in a pile (like magazines) and pick ones you might not have google-searched. Spirituality and Play for example on my most recent board.

      Both kinds of boards can be helpful. Since I’m visual, they help me a lot. But you’ll also see lots of words on mine… I’ve realized that’s the right approach for me. Find the right approach for you!


      1. Good point about sorting through piles of random pictures and letting your subconscious be sparked by what it sees. That is very different than directed, pre-determined searches.

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  5. An idea is to use Pinterest to create an online Vision Board, which is what I do in that I likewise do not have a preponderance of magazines in our home.

    Vision Boards can be a bit hard to wrap one’s hear around in the beginning, but it’s been amazing how they’ve stimulated my thoughts and ideas once finished.

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    1. Tamara, I use Pinterest when it’s more focused and intentional because any search like that is about finding images to match something specific. And they can stimulate ideas.

      Vision Boards created with piles of pictures, cutting, and pasting allows your subconscious brain to input on something. I’ve seen this time and time again… seeing things after it’s all done and looking at the entire image and often using some dream analysis tools. Like spirituality and play coming out on my board. I would not have searched for specific images on those if I was searching for ideas for my 2019 life.

      I guess I like the old school of cutting a pasting too. But if a tool doesn’t feel right for you, never take it on. 🙂


  6. Hi Pat,
    Love the vision board…but haven’t put my hands on a magazine for a long time…it’s interesting how yours is evolving, with consistent parts and new pieces working their way in with the ebb and flow of life. One thing I have learned is the only thing that you can really count on is that things will change. Life is not linear.

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    1. Nancy, I love the phrase “ebb and flow of life”! I was actually surprised how consistent it was after I created it. It was not my going in intent. As I mentioned to others, half-price books stores are good (cheaper) sources for magazines you want to rip up. I do think piles of pictures, cutting and pasting, is better than google-image or Pinterest search… it allows your subconscious brain to make choices.

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  7. I’ve never embraced vision boards but I’m aware that some people swear by them. I’ve always thought of a ‘vision’ as having a long-term timeline so it seems to me that it’s a good thing that your vision board is consistent from year to year. It implies you’re not bouncing wildly all over the place trying to find a safe harbour in a storm.

    You have however given me an idea. Karen Hume introduced me to collage as a creative outlet and seeing your vision board has planted an idea for one I’d like to explore. Thanks! 🙂

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    1. Joanne, Yes, it is very much collage work. I did one when I was exploring the concept of Freedom. It helped me see some things I hadn’t thought of. If you let the collage flow out on an idea (freedom, 2019, journey, whatever), your subconscious brain will help choose images. That’s why magazines/piles of pictures work… it’s not “find a picture of freedom”, but rather, “what does freedom mean to me”. I’m curious to see where this exploration takes you!


      1. I recently bought a large stack of magazines (holy hell, when did they get so expensive?!) and now I’m mulling through them looking for images that catch my eye. I too will be curious to see where this exercise takes me.

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      2. No question. Just whatever random image or phrase catches my eye. When I’m finished with the magazines, I’ll sit back down with the images I selected to see where inspiration takes me 🙂

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    1. Deb, I still get quite a few magazines, although I’ve gone down versus years ago. However, I’ve also bought them at the local half-price bookstore a couple of times if I feel I need more stimulation. One things hubby knows is to read any magazine before I get my hands on it… I rip out “interesting pictures” all the time and put them in a box. So magazines go from me into the recycle bin.

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  8. Pat, your vision board is great! I don’t do vision boards because I don’t have magazines – and I’m a bit more verbal than visual — and I’m so far away from retirement it isn’t funny. MY 101 Things is my vision to get closer to being able to retire!

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    1. Janet, Totally understand the verbal component. I am also a “word-girl” and you’ll see I’ve incorporated lots of words in my vision board….it’s not all visuals that are more traditionally done. I find I like that combination. And the creativity that cutting and pasting seems to bring out a bit. But, I think your 1010 things is brilliant as well. Whatever tools work best!


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