Vision Board 2018

I enjoy having a Vision Board for the year to inspire me.  I place it right next to where I write in my Morning Journal and it keeps my vision front and center and hopefully helping it manifest as the year progresses.   This post captures the How-to do a Vision Board and then shares mine.

How to Create a Vision Board:

Pick up 6-10 different kinds of magazines that you’re “attracted to”. I’ve gotten some of mine at the local half-price bookshop. I also use magazines I like reading – this year that’s been Real Simple, O Magazine, and Coastal Living.

Then thinking about “what do I want to happen this year?” or “what do I want to do/be this year?” or “what is my vision for the upcoming year?” (whichever question feels best for you), flip through and rip out pictures that you feel a connection with. Don’t think too much – just keep the question in your head.  (It’s better to do it this way than to find pictures via search mode or Googling.   This rip out approach allows your subconscious mind more freedom.)

Using scissors and glue stick, cut and paste your pictures onto a poster board, continuing to think about your question.   Mine was: What do I want to do/be this upcoming year?

I like creating a narrative for the board after its done, interpreting the pictures, metaphors and colors. I use dream interpretation on the visuals and colors to help clarify what my subconscious is telling me about the answer to the question. Some folks like to name their board and that becomes their word/phrase for the year.

My 2018 Vision Board:

2018 vision board

My 2018 Vision Board Narrative:  As expected for me, there are a lot of words! (I’m a word girl!)  And a lot of forward motion visuals as well – things that move and soar – hiking boots and a bike, birds and butterflies, energy.

The beginning of the year is doing the steps to become cancer-free.   This isn’t just the one thing (radiation therapy), but a medicine bottle full of healthy eating and exercise. And being positive and looking forward to the future.

Cancer-free… Now what.  START.   There is a litany of things to be actively doing this year – build a balanced routine of healthy eating, movement (yoga, waking, SUP), walking the dog, get cooking, writing, and reading. But keep it fun and don’t forget the quiet moments either.

Take flight on my dream retirement lifestyle.  Have fun with friends gathered around!  Do the things I’ve been thinking about: birding, farmers markets, Northern Lights, maybe an Airstream trip? Then there is gardening outside (plan my new house’s garden) and time with hubby – the good stuff, Florida beach strolls, and watching sea-life.

For color, more pinks, reds, and oranges than my previous vision boards. (I recall I had a lot more orange in pictures that just didn’t fit physically – too big.) Red is associated with energy, strength, power, courage and determination, passion and love.   Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, encouragement, and new beginnings (sunrise).

My board commands me to get my feet outside and stay open to possibilities. Ending the year with things on my list checked off and heading towards 59 (age next year) fitter and happier.

My vision board definitely compliments my word of the year:

SOAR: Savoring – Optimistic – Activating – Resilient

I’m quite energized to begin soaring this year!

Have you considered creating a vision board for yourself?

25 thoughts on “Vision Board 2018

  1. Hi Pat – just popped over from your link and I really like the idea of a free range approach to the board – where the board directs you rather than you directing the board – food for thought for me!

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    1. Anna – You might also check with local library if they throw out old magazines. I’ve gone to our local half price book store as well Or ask friends. It’s much, much better to use magazines than to try and find pictures via google searching. The magazine way allows your subconscious to be part of the process; google search is all conscious brain. Good luck and let me know how it ends up for you!!


  2. Thanks, Pat, for sharing your VB and the process. By making your VB visually present in front of you, I have no doubt you’ll soar and reach your vision this year. Our body naturally follows our eye direction, and a visual reminder is a powerful tool. Look forward to reading your updates as the year progresses.

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  3. Your board reminds me of a line from the John Updike book, Rabbit Run. “You have to know where you’re going before you can get there.” I’d say you’re in command of where you want to be, Pat. I’m 59 next year also, so you’re inspiring me to create a board too. Great post. – Marty

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    1. There’s a similar Alice in Wonderland quote I’ve always had around.

      “Would you tell me please which way I should go from here?” said Alice
      “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”. Said the Cat.

      As a planner I do need to know where I’m headed. I’m pretty good at adjusting the plans but I do need a plan. Retiring without any life plan was tough, and last years plan fell to pieces. But this one feels good. I saw a quote recently: “Imagine what can be… Let your heart believe….Let your spirit soar.” That feels right to me this year.

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      1. I love this quote about imagining what can be then just letting your spirit soar. It feels right to me too.

        I do struggle with vision boards – the process I understand, the interpretation always eludes me though. I liked your inclusion of colour and how our attraction to various colours offers a peak into our psyche. You’ve given me food for thought.

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  4. Forward motion is the perfect summation of your board, Pat, and of where you are this year. It even echoes your SOAR acronym which is rather neat! I can see lots of energy in your board – not just the energy connected with images of sneakers, but of huge words like FUN!

    59 will be my age next year too. If you tell me your birthday is in August, I’m really going to get suspicious. We are so darn similar!!

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    1. OMG Karen…my birthday IS in August… but I actually turn 58 this year in August. I always think about my age as a full year … being born in ’60, my age links easily to the year. (8–8) So next new year I will be looking towards 59. I know – why am I rushing things… but knowing I’ll be facing 59 was something I needed on my board this year.

      At first my word of the year was Action, but I’m liking Soar. For me, there’s both forward motion and stillness in the concept of soar… a good balance for me. Activate (get it going) and Savor (enjoy the moments). I am liking how all my elements are linking – word, board, quarterly action plan.

      I feel very inspired to “move forward” with plans/intention and actually did a bunch of writing the last 2 days. Not just blog stuff…. a friend wants to try writing food reviews as a group (I pulled my thoughts together yesterday) and I pulled out my book draft today (a retirement transition How-to). Talk about flow in each case — I lost track of time. It was a good thing I had nothing planned today…holiday and snow flurries all day meant a day inside. It was 5 hours in when I looked at the clock!

      Hoping this momentum continues.


      1. Wahoo, Pat! It sounds like a wonderful two days of writing. I just love those times when in flow.
        The combination of forward motion AND stillness sounds absolutely perfect.
        Okay, about August, OMG indeed. My date is the 31st. What’s yours?

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  5. I still have the vision board I made four years ago before I retired. Perhaps it’s time to update it… although the words and images are still pretty relevant. Great description of the process behind creating a VB. I love how your word is reflected in the images – lots of forward movement.

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    1. That is so cool that your vision board is still relevant. I’ve done one for the last 3 years, focusing on just the year, so there has been some change. (Your comment made me go look at all of them side by side) Some stuff remains the same as well, which I think is good because that means my vision is consistent. This year I feel re-energized having done it, so that was worth the time.

      BYW – in my corporate life, we always believed that a vision was only good for about 5 years…. too many things surrounding us changed. So maybe you can think about doing one on the 5 year anniversary of your board. 🙂

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  6. Hi, Pat – Thank you for sharing your Vision Board, and the process behind it, with us. I believe that your Vision Board and your Focus Word compliment each other very well. I look forward to reading about a great year ahead for you, and how your VB turns into actions.

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    1. Thanks Donna. I’m already feeling like it’s activating me. Today I worked on something that had been on my to-do list for months! Now, if it would just stop snowing and break freezing, maybe I would walk my dog! That’s another of the to be activated items.


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