My Blog is my Life Coach

I’ve recently announced to the world that I am a Certified Life Coach.   And what I have come to realize is my blog is my own Retirement Transition Life Coach!

My blogging has helped me reframe life satisfaction, explore what’s holding me back, kick-start habits.   I’ve explored many of life’s big arenas in my blog – working or not in this next life stage, connecting with others, what does our home mean, what is play. Like a good life coach, I identify my problem, ask myself open-ended questions to get to the root of it, and then create action plan steps. Writing the whole thing in a blog post.

Putting my next steps out in the world on my blog creates a sense of accountability! A key feature in good life coach is finding the accountability for the action plan. And putting it is writing is definitely accountability for me.

You, my blog friends, help me in both reading what I write (and often commenting!), but also in providing your own thoughts on similar topics. Reading other peoples blogs has inspired me, challenged my thinking, made me laugh, and helped create a feeling of community. I am not in this transition alone.

And so in keeping with Janis over at retirementallychallenged… this is my Gratitude Tuesday statement – I am grateful to be surrounded with inspiring beings.   The women and men I’ve “met” in the blog-o-sphere inspire me, validate me, and make me smile.


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10 thoughts on “My Blog is my Life Coach

  1. I have a special ‘short list’ in my reader. Now I’m going to rename it my “Inner, outer circle!” It has those few blogs (Donna, Pat, Janis) who are becomming my closer, on-line buds, because we share this voyage! Your encouragement keeps me in the game! Thank you!


    1. Having a group who really understands exactly the journey and feelings is so wonderful for me. While many of my friends are trying very hard to be supportive,they sruggle with the relevancy of the experience. Most are younger, some not ready yet for retirement. But they also know I’m leading the way for them. Yeah, your encouragement, and others, makes the journey more fun!


  2. like 🙂 sorry having a fail on connecting to word press !

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    1. Catherine, You just need to become a blogger on wordpress! Not that I still don’t have massive fails in social media… So nice to hear from you. Hope things are going well. Pat


  3. I agree that the retirement (and near, or considering retirement) blogging community is so very supportive and helpful. I love how we all reach out to one another and offer words of encouragement. Wouldn’t it be great if we could arrange an in-person meet-up with everyone! I’m so glad (and grateful) that you joined me on GratiTuesday!

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      1. By the way, have you looked at this blog: He does online interviews with various bloggers. This month, he interviewed a life and retirement coach. I haven’t listened to it yet, but it may be of interest to you.


  4. Nicely written Pat! Although I am not a Life Coach, I feel the exact same way about blogging and about inspiration gained from the ‘blog-osphere.’ Like you, I am so glad that I am not going through this transition alone. I am starting to feel a part of a ‘blogging family’…. and I love it! Keep the great posts coming.

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    1. One woman at the beginning of my blogging talked about an “outer circle of friends”… the friends you meet on line. While I didn’t like the word “outer”, i now really understand her point. There are many folks I look forward to “hearing from” – whether its there own posts or comments on mine. I’m still searching for the right term for these friends… blogging family is close.


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