Let the Bad Girl Out!

I’m a type-A, high achiever. I am intelligent and disciplined.   I work hard at tasks given and make things happen. And I want to let my (inner) bad-girl out!

I play by the rules. I do what is expected. I was (am) the good girl – the honor-roll student, the responsible daughter, the met-expectations employee, the one who gets things done, without reminders.   And I’m tired of it!

I never rebelled. I never broke curfew; never snuck out after lights out. I listened to my parents, took advanced academic classes, and did all my homework, on time.   I didn’t do drugs, didn’t smoke, didn’t have a different boyfriend every week. And college continued the same patterns. I didn’t party, studied (a lot), and graduated with honors and a great job offer. Oh, did I mention, I was (am) a good girl.

To this day, I don’t smoke, don’t drink excessively, don’t use expletives (hardly anyway), don’t dress provocatively, have no tattoos and just one ear piercing. I am a responsible adult, a loyal friend, a loving wife. I am polite to strangers, pay my taxes, and abide by the law (most laws anyway; really, who drives the speed limit on the highway?).

And I want to let my bad girl out!   I want to break some rules.   Not enough to get in real trouble, but enough to experience that sense of (teenage) rebellion.

Why do I want to do this? Is it because I never did it when I was a teenager? Is there something deep in my psyche that is just missing a check box?   Is it important to know the why or just focus on the how??

So how do you rebel at 50+?   Without ending up in jail or the hospital or divorce court?

I saw a list of things that might help me feel a bit like the bad girl, in a safe way (because even though I want to let the bad girl out, I do have a deep-seated value of safety – go figure!): Wear sexy shoes and sexy underwear.  Ride a motorcycle.   Get a tattoo and a trendy haircut/color.  Wear tight black leather, form fitting clothes, and winged eyeliner. Not a graying pony tail, sneakers and old-lady jeans.   Oh, and red lipstick – red lipstick was a must.

Who’s ready for a mall trip?!? Sephora and Victoria Secret, here I come. Can I learn to create tousled hair and a made-up face every morning? Can I learn to be comfortable in sexy shoes, tight clothes, red lips?

Does being comfortable go with being a bad girl??


Picture Credit: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Let the Bad Girl Out!

  1. ok, Pat . . . I haven’t been in blog reading mode lately and I haven’t written about retirement in awhile but I am on the verge. Ran across this post of yours and it just made me laugh. Let the bad girl out . . . well, I go to bed later than I should and always after my hubby. Is that bad? What is bad? On the other hand, I have been bothered by the opposite with retirees such as dietary poor choice, weight gain, no exercise, sloppy appearance, and say what you want attitude as if none of that matters anymore. Is that bad? You’ve got me pondering and that is always a good thing. My next post is
    “A Day Off from Retirement”. You may like it! Great chatting, here!

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    1. Ahh, love your interpretation on “bad”. Recall my criteria – something that won’t land me in the hospital, jail, or divorce court. Poor dietary choices, weight gain and slovenly appearance… braking those criteria! Going to bed late… not so much… I guess it depends on what you’re doing staying up late. (Yeah, caught up in a knitting/sewing project I’m betting!). Looking forward to your post!


  2. LOL. Forgot to mention sunglasses because I have always worn them outside….more to prevent squinting and wrinkles than for the cool factor. Still thinking I need the black leather, that might be my next mall shopping spree.


  3. Since I just recently went from brunette to blonde for the first time post 50, I can say, DO IT! Have fun, don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Go for cherry red lipstick, and a gorgeous pair of kicky sandals. Don’t forget the mani-pedi to go with. You’ll feel like a million bucks, and enjoy every minute!

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    1. Colleen, I noted your new (awesome) blonde-ness! It definitely made me think about what I should do. And yes, I did a hot pink lip and went to Victoria Secret yesterday! OK, the young lady said I reminded her of her mother… but it was obvious she had a great relationship with her mom in her tone of voice. Mani-pedi is on the books also…it’s too soon for sandals here, but I’ll know the toes are awesome.

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