What am I having fun doing in retirement?


Inspired by Mr Firestation’s blog on his “spark areas” about what he expects to be doing the first year of retirement, I took a look at what I am having fun doing!    After my recent post on what-do-you-do, this list of things I’m having fun doing was eye-opening.


Here are some of the possibilities turned into realties in my own Spark Areas:


  • Friends & Connections – regular networking over coffee/lunch/dinner (goal is 10 a month), started mid-week foodie club, local park dog-walks (friends & dog), continue to explore MeetUps, taking advantage of serendipity
  • Play with Words– daily crossword, blogging (!), write book on retirement transition, read (including the classics)
  • Creativity/Learning – pottery class, cooking class, explore spirituality, jewelry making (early days here)
  • Love/Time with Tim – local theater, art & craft shows, food exploration, house-hunting, regular trips to Florida
  • Work – Innovation Consulting LLC projects, YourEncore Expert, Retirement Life Coach, exploring SCORE volunteering
  • Active Movement – Zumba, walking, beach yoga, SUP
  • Travel/Adventure – planning NOLA, beginning to plan an African Safari (hits lots of items on my bucket list – across the equator, luxury trip, another continent, another country & wildlife spotting).


There are lots more things on the planned list: learn to swim next summer, learn to play chess, do yoga more regularly, explore Road Scholar (getting travel and adventure really kicking), do a zipline this spring.   I am trying to take my own advice of no longer waiting for someday, but planning and doing many of the things on my possibility list.

Besides just having fun, I am hoping somewhere in here I will find my passion!

10 thoughts on “What am I having fun doing in retirement?

  1. You are going to totally dig NOLA! I have a companion blog, http://www.encorewanderings.com, where I’m putting our “travel related stuff.” New Orleans was a trip we took last September, and it was sooooo amazing! Loved every minute!

    And just for the record, it’s too bad we live so far apart! Our “lists” are quite similar! We, too, have decided to reread classic literature! Pretty sure we’d be gal pals!

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    1. We can be virtual gal pals! I’ve figured out that not only are you and AGMA separated at birth, but I might be your third sister. Most of my local friends are still working full-time. While they totally support my early retirement and the transition, they can’t really relate. It’s wonderful to have found some women on-line who can relate! I will look for your wandering …we have flight and hotel and are now into the what do we do in NOLA! What was your fav restaurant? I am all about the food!


      1. You mean, besides the beignets? Oh wait, there’s something else? Well, I had never tried oysters before…Drago’s at the Hilton, right by the river, made these amazing, buttery, Parmy, delicious things with crusty bread. Went back twice! Down in the French Quarter, Pierre Maspero’s has been there since 1788. Have some gumbo!

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      2. Oh…and yeah, you are my new virtual sister! And you were right, we’ve been at this a little while. I am in the process of moving my blog over from Blogger to WordPress. That’s why the archives all look current.

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  2. It is a big investment, but it hits so many items on my bucket list. Next year is our 25th wedding anniversary, so that is the plan for it. Feels like along time ahead, but this past year went fast. It will be interesting to see how your first retirement year goes!


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