Jolts of Joy

A How-to: Build into your daily life more of what brings you joy.

As I was creating my new life rhythm in Retirement Transition, I recalled an exercise I had seen about Jolts of Joy. It was about identifying the little things in life that bring you joy – the small things that just bring a smile to your face, a warmth to your heart.  And then, once you consciously know what they are, trying to incorporate them into your everyday life.  I remember it was a fun activity and I set out this time to create 31 jolts of joy – one for each day of the month. Then, I did incorporate many (not all) into my life!  From buying high-thread-count sheets and a whole bunch of fine-tip blue point pens to planning and appreciating the moments I spend doing things I love, like reading, gardening and going to craft shows.

Here is my list of Jolts of Joy (to get you started on your own – because I do believe in stealing and reapplying). For me, a non-athletic foodie, many had to do with food and relaxation. For you, they could be other things.  I challenge you to create your list and then build them into your daily routines.

1. Bringing order from chaos…. In my house, in my research area, in my to-do lists
2. Good dinner with good friends – meaning it’s also good conversation!
3. Afternoon nap in the sun
4. Read a “light” book – romance or mystery
5. Spend time gardening
6. Nice long walk – in a park with the dog
7. Listen to the rain on the roof, watch the lightening flash
8. Comfortable clothes
9. Open windows, fresh air in the house
10. Farmers Market
11. Crafts show or artsy galleries/shops
12. Sitting on the porch
13. Get a massage
14. Get a pedicure
15. 8 – 9 hours of sleep every night
16. Go to the theater (live theater)
17. Walk on the beach and find shells
18. Holding hands with Tim (that’s my hubby)
19. Fresh veggies for dinner – chopping and sautéing into a stir fry
20. Craft a new story/concept/idea/model
21. Crisp cotton sheets on the bed
22. Fresh fluffy towels in the bathroom
23. Talking on the phone with my mom
24. Wearing one of a kind jewelry (that people notice)
25. Fresh (summer) tomatoes
26. Fine point blue pens and blank pieces of paper/new journal
27. Fresh pasta dinner with good bread
28. Sushi
29. Awesome piece of chocolate
30. Breaking a sweat doing something healthy – Zumba, hiking
31. Checking things off the to-do list (and making another one)

12 thoughts on “Jolts of Joy

  1. I just had a Jolt of Awareness…
    What use to bring joy has now been replaced with more sedate activities and things.
    Yes, I still love to go out quad riding even though the muscles ache for a few days after. But a quiet sit on the beach holding a book or watching the breeze create a leaf dance create a quiet joy.
    Does this change come naturally with age? Hmmmm…..

    Now I need to start my own list.

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  2. This is a great reminder, (to use a cliche’), to stop and smell the roses. My husband and I talk about when the last time was we had fun…at our ages, it takes new experiences to truly be fun.

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    1. Would love to hear what new experiences you are engaging in for fun. My husband & I went to our first ever “grand tasting” – a major foodie event here in town. The kind the beautiful people go to. I thought it would be too posh, but we had a blast. Our goal was to taste everything! (Most people pick & choose.) We were stuffed! And yes, I ate things I never thought I would – veal sweetbreads, octopus done many different ways, roe and truffles. What an experience!


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