Fall Gratitude

I was inspired by Christie on So what? Now What? (link post here )  I enjoy reading other people’s gratitude lists as they make me more aware of things I too am grateful for. Christie always uses photos in her gratitude posts and I’ve said I would use more imbedded photos now that I learned how to do that on the blog (with the kitchen refresh).  Of course, I am not a prolific photo taker, so I looked for gratitude photos across the whole fall season.  

Here are a few things I am grateful for this Fall:

Finding my Tribe and Doing New Things – After a summer where I felt like I didn’t belong, I intentionally began planning activities and then inviting folks to join in.  Sometimes, that means it’s just hubby and me or even a solo activity, but that is OK.  I am grateful for the fun things this fall like going on a mural tour, checking out local museums, attending the sand-sculpture festival, and a night of axe throwing.  

Sunrises – I am grateful for the water view from our Florida home.  I don’t think I will ever get tired of it, from morning till evening, in all types of weather.  But sunrises are the absolute best.

Palm Trees – I’ve mentioned my desire to learn more about plants in this Central Florida coastal environment.  I am learning and am grateful for all the folks (nursery workers, arborist, lecturers, friends) who are helping me in that learning.  And also grateful for an existing landscape that has over 70 palm trees with 11 variants and a beautiful lawn.

Crafting Friends – I am grateful for friends who have engaged with me in crafting. I’ve had crafts on my to-do list for a long time, and have finally started doing them with their encouragement and engagement.  Check out the beaded plant stakes (holiday presents) and Christmas wreath, which is now hung on front of house.

 I really need to be taking more photos, as that will not only increase my photography skills but give me more fodder for future gratitude posts!

What are you grateful for this fall?

Picture credit: Me. My dog Taylor – from last set of pictures I took!

10 thoughts on “Fall Gratitude

  1. Your gratitude post made me beam with joy! I love all these things you’re grateful for. Crafting is such a wonderful activity and it’s great when you can do it with friends. I am also so glad you are trying to involve other people in your activities too. I am rarely outside during sunrise, so I prefer sunsets, but your views sound amazing throughout the day. (I am almost completely blind so I cannot see your pictures.) Anyway, if you’d like to participate in gratitude posts more often, there are several gratitude-related blog hops out there. I for one try to participate in Ten Things of Thankful on Fridays. I will have to try to add some pictures to my gratitude posts too. Visiting from #LifeThisWeek.

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    1. Astrid, thanks for your kind comments. I’m not an avid gratitude poster, although I do a daily gratitude journal activity. This post was a unique one because I tried it with pictures. I might look into the 10 things on Friday link, to read. I enjoy others gratitude posts as they remind me of everything I can also be thankful for!

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  2. I loved seeing more from where you are now. Lovely images and words….

    What a great way to end the Monday Link Up Life This Week with your post! Thanks so much for joining in and I look forward to starting 2022 Life This Week on Monday 3 January 2022. Warm wishes and stay well! Denyse.

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  3. Thank you for the shout out Pat. I’m grateful you decided to incorporate the photos; they are beautiful. Those sunrise pics make me want to pack up and move to Florida! The sand sculpture is pretty cool too. This morning, I am feeling grateful for my health and my amazing friends and coworkers.

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  4. The pictures are great!!!! I love that you are finding your way and must admit that I’m a little jelly even though I have lots to be thankful for right where I am. I miss doing a bunch of those things with you, I’m not the instigator but love to participate! I might have to find the instigator in me. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful, sometimes I forget how wonderful I have it.


  5. Hi Pat – I think pausing to be grateful is one of the best things we can do for our mental health. I try to do it at least once a day because every time I stop and think about how lovely my life is, I just smile. I love your craft projects – it must be something that retirement brings out in us….I’ve been cutting and glueing and collaging most days – I’m just really enjoying making pretty things. Those garden stakes would look great with the sun shining through them.


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