Living my Life by the Numbers

I’m a numbers girl. Maybe it’s the list-maker in me, or the analytical side. But I do tend to focus on numbers. This year I have multiple numbers-based lists going on – maybe it’s a bit too much!

20 for 2020 to RELEASE (9 done or started)

101 New Things Tracking (22 to date)

52 Books Read Tracking (15 to date)

Winter Bucket List – 10 big things (only 5 done, oops)

Florida Snowbird – 21 things to do (12 done, sigh)

House Move-In List – morphed from 10 to 40 items (completed… and probably the reason for the other list misses!)

Does all this noting and tracking help or hurt? Yes, some will think it’s over-the-top. (You might be one of those people!). But in actuality, it helps – it keeps me grounded and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

So, I will create a Spring Bucket list, which will take into account the changing environment we are now living in with the coronavirus.  I will create our next round moving list including the what to sell, give away, toss, or donate. I will continue to track my New Things, Books Read, and 20 for 2020 items.  These are the numbers I will focus on now.   The ones that keep be grounded in living the retirement lifestyle I’ve envisioned.

I will keep using lists, tracking, and numbers as long as they continue to keep me happy. Are you a numbers girl/guy yourself?

23 thoughts on “Living my Life by the Numbers

  1. I’m not that committed to the numbers Pat – probably because my world is fairly small these days and I just do things as they arise. I have very few plans in place (which has made coping with the COVID changes so much easier for me than it appears to have been for a lot of others).
    I think we’re all different and if numbers work for you then go for it girl – being intentional is never a bad thing – and is often an encouragement to others xx
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM

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    1. Thanks for sharing it Leanne. I know many people hate lists and despise numbers. But, as you point out, they work for me. I’ve never been one who can do things as they arise. But, my hubby is like that also – and he kinda rolls his eyes at all my lists. And he too is handling this crazy time much easier because of that life approach…. there’s something to be said for that, for sure!


  2. I’m not as much a numbers gal as I am a list maker. I like my lists and they help me remember things I want to do, keep track of that might otherwise fall by the wayside. Glad you have done so well on the projects for your new residence. Be easy on yourself about those things you didn’t accomplish in the winter…you were mid-move. And make your spring list less demanding with this crazy virus. Just list some general kinds of things like the rest of us did. Can’t wait to see your list.

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    1. Leslie, My Spring List is very much coronavirus focused. Like “do a jigsaw puzzle”, because we’re on Day 27 of our stay-at-home and I’m needing something else to challenge me. Also on the spring list – learn new things too – how to use Zoom, how to use Kindle, how to make a mask. Yeah, all coronavirus based!


    1. LOL. Since you refer to him as the Mathematician, I certainly hope he’s a numbers guy! (My hubby is not into numbers at all.) Isn’t it interesting when different people post about similar topics? I find it fun to see another’s take on the same topic.

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  3. I’m a numbers person to stay informed but not to be fixated with them. I use one spreadsheet and my calendar to keep track of my plans and progress. I’m good at self-discipline to finish what I think is important so I’m not obsessed with making lists. #MLSTL

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    1. I like how you talk about keeping track of progress. I think that’s how I use lists. I’m not very good with self-discipline… so the lists are a bit of an accountability tool, too.


    1. Thanks! I know many people avoid numbers and I can understand if you work with them, you might not want them prevalent in your life. But for me, I like how they give me structure…something I know I need.


  4. I am a numbers girl but not as extensively as you are. Right now, the only things I track are books read and cross stitch projects. I do keep lists of “to dos” and try to do some longer term planning but since this thing with my mom hit and now coronavirus, I haven’t done much looking ahead. Maybe once we’ve settled back into a “normal” life. That’s assuming we ever do, of course. Good luck with your spring bucket list!! Stay safe.

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    1. I’m not looking very much ahead right now, since its impossible to know when this will be “over”. I do have, however, a list of things to plan/schedule when the end is in sight. There’s 9 things on that list already. It’s been helpful to just get that list started and put to the side, because I was just antsy about not being able to plan them now. I’ve put 5 of the spring bucket list items on my weekly calendar this week. I will see if that makes then happen!

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  5. I’m absolutely a numbers person – it’s a tool to keep me focussed and grounded as well as a tangible means of seeing progress. It’s not natural;l for me though, but rather learned behaviour.

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    1. Jo, isn’t it interesting when we realize something is natural or learned? Planning, list making, seeing patterns, numbers… all natural for me. Cooking to me is not natural behavior, nor is anything physical. It’s one of the reasons I marvel at people who so easily cook, or are avid runners!

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  6. We recently started working with a new financial advisor, who has us thinking differently than the previous advisor. So in turn, we’ve both been separately crunching more numbers than ever before. I’m not a numbers person, having always performed poorly at math, especially back in school. But thankfully with no tests or exams to face, I’m actually able to process some of the thinking required. – Marty

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    1. Marty, My hubby is not a numbers guy either. Right now however, I refuse to look at the financial numbers … maybe I’m in denial, but I’m hoping this is short-term and I’ll look at those numbers again in a few months…maybe 6 months.


  7. I’m not necessarily a numbers person, but maintaining “to do” lists and my on line calendar help me stay calm and focused. Just knowing I have an on line writing course or project around the house gives me something to look forward to these days!

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