Summer’s Over?

It’s hard to think about Autumn Adventures when the temperature is still 90F (and heat index over 100F). Summer is supposedly over this weekend, but Mother Nature apparently disagrees.

Even if it still feels like summer, the calendar says it is time for fall action planning. And I find regular recapping helpful to celebrate what I did accomplish as part of retirement transitioning. It is even more interesting to do this at the autumn equinox, which is traditionally a time of harvesting.   What did I sow this summer?

My focus for the summer was to SOAR (my Word of the Year – Savoring, Optimistic, Activating, Resilient – a balance on being and doing) with focus on 3 areas and more than 25 things originally listed. A tad aggressive perhaps, but it gave me some high-end goals to strive for. A quick review shows I was moderately successful.

Healthy Living

  • Increased movement using Fit Bit tracking with weekly Walk &Talks, some dog walking, and continued yoga & zumba. Finally in August I did go out on the stand-up paddleboard!
  • Both hubby & I have been eating healthier with more fruit; love summer for this (Farmer’s Markets!) and have found that having fruit visible on the counter in lovely bowls is helpful.   I have also done some new recipe exploration.

More Out & About- Summer Fun

  • Expecting to do multiple summer road trips was not realistic (too big a step change for our life). We only did one long weekend to visit family. But we did do a couple of Mini-Adventures and quite a few New Fun Connections with friends. My 52-new-things-for-the-year list is beyond complete; I’ve hit 25 new places to eat for the year alone.
  • And yes, the Iceland trip is planned; we are also on a late summer trip to Florida with a “30 things in 30 days” list.

Explore Creativity

  • Continued blogging and writing with weekly blog posts and link-ups. I have moved into editing mode on my book, but procrastination has become the story there. I did some work on memoir and personal freedom (collage and essay).
  • Reinstate Artist Dates – I did another 21-daily meditation, played with Tarot cards, did an Intuitive read, joined friends for an art class, and played with my Mandala coloring book. Solo-adventures are still a challenge for me.


For this fall’s list, I’m going to go more minimal with just 10 things. I’m trying the less planning, be more spontaneous approach. Being in Florida with our usual activities curtailed by Red Tide and unseasonably warm temperatures, perhaps it’s time for this planner to have this type of a learning curve.

  • Be spontaneous & open to new activities in Florida and Ohio.
  • Roast something – cauliflower, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds.
  • Pumpkins & mums fall house decoration.
  • Soup – a cooking class followed by a friends gathering.
  • Hike to look at fall colors.
  • Complete motorcycle class & get license.
  • Iceland trip – prepare and take.
  • Continue girlfriend activities – walk & talks, movie date, cooking class, etc.
  • Regular life – yoga, zumba, theater dates, dinner with friends, blogging.
  • Complete book editing.


Are you doing more planning or being more spontaneous this fall?


Picture Credit: Pixabay

46 thoughts on “Summer’s Over?

  1. You’ve been busy, Pat! I love what you said in your comment about the seasons. Summer has flown by for me, even though it was a relatively quiet one, spent recuperating from a concussion. Fall has sent me into a tailspin with a busy schedule that shows no signs of slowing down. What I want to do are some of the things on your list – roast vegetables (yum!), make a soup, take a yoga class, hit a hiking trail, and do something spontaneous. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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    1. I’m still trying to get into fall mode. I’m in Florida and the day’s high temps are still above 90. I cannot think about roasting anything yet…nor eating hot soup. Is sitting inside in the AC doing a manicure (instead of being outside in the heat & humidity) being spontaneous? I’m going to say yes!


  2. I’m not sure how I missed your word of the year, but I LOVE it! Now I’m thinking what acronym I can use for my word 2019 🙂 I will pin to #mlstl board to help me remember.

    I love roasted anything … and cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin seeds sounds perfect for what is supposed to be our first fall-like weekend 🙂

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    1. Molly, I’ve really liked this year’s word-of-the-year as well. I had JOY a couple of years ago and liked that as well – no acronym though. Last year’s word just didn’t work for me…. so I’m 2 of 3 since I started doing this. I know some bloggers who are already starting to consider next year’s word of the year! I’m not there quite yet. Last year I connected to a site where folks went through a process…I’ll look for it again this year and probably blog about it!


  3. Looks like you’ve had a great summer, Pat. I call my approach ‘half and half”. My mornings are for structured activities, and afternoons are flexible and spontaneous. Enjoy your new focus on spontaneity and let us know how it goes. #MLSTL

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    1. Thanks Natalie. I am trying to learn from others how to be more spontaneous. I might try the half & half approach, if the 2-3 full days a week approach I’m trying doesn’t work. So far I’ve done a couple of things more spontaneously, but it’s early days for sure!


    1. Iceland is because I want to see the Northern Lights and it’s supposed to be one place good for that…and closer that Alaska or Norway for me to get to. It’s also becoming a “hot” destination (LOL)… like Belize a few years back. I’ve a few friends who’ve been in the summer for the outdoor activities… we’re there on some of the shortest days of the year! I guess it’s all in what you want to experience.


  4. It sounds like Summer was pretty full on for you Pat and I like that Autumn seems to be a little more relaxed with what you’re planning. I’m looking at Spring as being a time to enjoy the weather, get off the lap top – and move a bit more to try to shift those pesky few kilos that won’t budge!
    #MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Leanne, I read recently that spring is the time to plan, summer the time to be active in the execution, and autumn the time to reap what was sown and grown. (Winter was time to go inward.) An interesting way to follow the seasons in life.

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  5. I love trying to be spontaneous Pat but with the busyness of our lives these days it is often more an idea than an action. Your lists are great to read through and I’m sure it helps having your ideas itemised. I love ticking off a list too! I’ve just been to Iceland and lived it do I look forward to reading your thoughts on it one day soon. #mlstl

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    1. Debbie, I am totally a list maker, so trying on being spontaneous is a stretch. I’ve found that if I don’t plan, I am not active. And if I’m not active, I get down on myself. So will see if I can be active more spontaneously. As I mentioned below…. it’s intentional spontaneity! quite the oxymoron.

      Of course we are going to Iceland on some of the shortest days of the year…because it’s a trip for me to see the Northern Lights (hopefully). That is a bucket list item for me!

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    1. LOL. Mine was “I’ll give you something to cry about”. Anyway, Red Tide was bad, worse anyone can recall. But it’s getting better. The county and towns have done an amazing job of cleaning the beaches of dead fish. Beach is walkable, but I wouldn’t go in the water yet. Hopefully by weekend we can plan a beach day – hanging out on the beach for a few hours, doing some stand-up paddle boarding. Do you have it near you? I heard it hit both coasts.

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  6. Hey sugar foot, so glad you joined us for the bucket list. Love how you are trying to be more spontaneous. Not sure how spontaneous I am…since I have to think about it, probably not much! Look at you getting your motorcycle license. Wow, impressive. Loved the ‘roast something’. I am wanting to do a soup blog hop where we all share soup recipes. Would you join me?

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  7. I love your list Pat. Not only do all of the items sound enjoyable, but I like the minimalist, less planning approach. I think that’s what prompted me to take a fall break from bucket-listing. I have some things I want to do, but I want to focus a little more on the experiences and less on checking things off the list. That said, the list-checker in me will be back for winter, no doubt!

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  8. Hi Pat! My word for 2018 is “flexible” and I have been using it to remind myself to be flexible in all things: body, mind, planning, focus, creativity, and just about everything. That has really helped me to be more spontaneous AND to trust the instinct to do something that was on the “books.” But with that said, I also enjoy and appreciate my plans and setting intentions. I tend to believe that it is helpful to hold that balance. And happy Autumn to you wherever you find yourself! ~Kathy

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  9. You’ve had a wonderful summer and it sounds like there is so much more in the queue!! I would say you definitely have the ‘soaring’ portion of your goal in full stride!

    I’d love to hear more about your SUP experience. It looks like so much fun but I suspect the people I’ve watching doing it make it look so much easier than it really is.

    I like the idea of your ‘artist dates’ and this is an area I really want to improve in the months ahead. I still tend to treat it as a ‘guilty pleasure’ rather than a ‘soul need’.

    I for one am looking forward to hearing more about your 30 things in 30 days!! Have fun 🙂

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    1. Hey Joanne, Well, 7 days into the 30 days and I’m doing horrible on the 30 for 30! Oh well, I’m trying to be more spontaneous on different things – went to new museum, booking a food tour, trying new restaurants. None of which was on the 30 listing….maybe I’ll just move to do 15 “spontaneous” things by the end.

      SUP is actually not that hard. I am NOT athletic, and I can do it. It takes a while to get balance, but it’s an amazing core workout. I’m not great on choppy water, and can only go about 45 minutes of time without a break. Hubby is so much better…and yes, he makes it look easy – choppy water, fast moving turns, looking so comfortable standing, going for miles. But every time I do it, I get a feeling of accomplishment!

      I’m still struggling with artist dates. I actually think if I could get to think of them as guilty pleasure, I’d be able to do them! LOL.


  10. Steady as she goes for me; some planning, but mostly spontaneity and playing by ear depending on the day.

    Your list made me laugh. “Roast Something.” I read that as “Roast SOMEthing!!” as though you were desperate. Ha ha. A good autumnal vegetable roast is potatoes, carrots, parsnips, fennel and onions with some olive oil and salt and pepper if you want a suggestion. That makes a great accompaniment for a spatchcocked roast chicken, by the way.

    Also, if you need a soup suggestion, Italian Wedding Soup is outstanding.

    Kudos to you for being open to more spontaneity. You might like it!

    The Icelandic trip sounds like fun. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

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    1. Bob, I’ve never cooked parsnips! Will definitely have to try that mixture. I’m taking a cooking class on soups (Sur La Table), and cannot recall which ones they are teaching. Cooking classes always inspire me to cook more…either what I learn there or just in general. I love fall – a pot of soup or chili on the stove. Of course, we’re in FL and it’s still highs in the 90s, so not thinking soup quite yet. But I am trying on the spontaneity a bit… just heard about a foodie tour and convinced Tim to do it. 🙂 Impulse is not my forte!


    1. Good for you! I went out on my bicycle yesterday for first time in months…and my butt is reminding me of that long time off after just a few miles around the neighborhood! Still highs in 90’s so only a few miles … I’m looking forward to cooler temps and lower humidity!


  11. I really love your 10 Things list. I have several of the same things on my “list” (in quotes since I haven’t actually written anything down 🙂 ). I’m actually looking forward to cooler temps so I can move into my soup and roasted veggies mode… yum! I’ve always wanted to have a soup party where everyone makes and brings a favorite… plus extra for everyone to take home.

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    1. Janis, Different soup party idea than mine, but a neat one. I’m taking a Soup Cooking Class… and then thought I’d plan to make one again for friends. The have-folks-bring-and-then-take-home is a super interesting one as well…. now I’ll have to consider both options!

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  12. For me, if everything is planned, it can rob some of the pleasure from the appreciation when I strive too hard to fulfil the expectation. Conversely if I were to rely solely on spontaneity, I fear I would achieve very little. Consequently I go for a bit of both and like to plan about half of my time on a daily and future basis and leave the rest to impulse.

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    1. I like the phrase “leave the rest to impulse”. I plan everything…and if there is no plan, seem to do nothing but read & eat or play on-line games & eat. I’m trying to break that “bad habit”. I like the idea of “impulsively taking a walk”!


  13. In my area, the fall is a lovely time to go for walks. In order to my maintain my weight and maintain a strong lower back. I have to walk every single day. Now that the humidity and heat have blown over, I’m excited about being sure I go for a long walk every day. I’d like to convince myself to lift some light weights as well.

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  14. I love that you are exploring ‘spontaneity’! That sums me up – so I’ve been leaning towards a bit of habit-forming. Love that you’re getting a motorcycle license – good for you! Look forward to hearing about your progress on the soup and book editing.

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  15. Hi Pat what a wonderful Summer you have had and now heading into my favourite season to visit the US. I love you idea of 30 things in 30 days and I’m learning from you and others that there is always something new to try and learn in life. It is never boring is it? Exciting times ahead with your motorcycle licence test and also your trip to Iceland. We are off to Japan next week and into Spring here in Australia. I haven’t even given a thought to what I want to achieve. Life has been so busy perhaps I need to fall back on my word for 2017 ‘Balance’ and make that my goal in life for the next three months. Enjoy! xx

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