Mid-Summer Goals Review

I realized recently I’ve put a lot of effort into planning this year… maybe more than any planner needs to be doing! I have my word of the year (SOAR), a 52 New Things in 2018 goal, and seasonal bucket lists (summer action plan). With all this planning, how successful am I in activating the plans and achieving the goals? Am I SOAR-ing – savoring life daily, being optimistic, activating mini-adventures and healthy life pursuits, and being resilient in my cancer recovery? Am I trying new things outside my comfort zone? Am I having fun, doing things I want to do with people I want to spend time with? 

52 New Things in 2018

While not that much has been out of the comfort zone, there has been a lot of new things going on.

  • New Restaurants – My Mid-Week Foodie Friends, some Compatible Couples, and even Hubby have all gladly participated in trying 20 (!) new restaraunts with me this year.
  • New Experiences/Events – I am up to 12 new experiences/events this year, from foodie to artsy to stay-cation types of things. It’s been fun to plan mini-adventures with hubby and/or friends. I am feeling active as these are in addition to my “normal” yoga, Zumba, Walk & Talks, and theater going.
  • New Lifestyle Elements – Quite a few new self-care and personal development activities are now regularly on the calendar! (massage, taking supplements, physical therapy, healthy cooking, meditation).

The list (yes, there is tracking) has 71 new items listed for 2018…maybe I need to try for 100 new things this year!

Summer Bucket List /Action Plan

My focus to SOAR this summer (linking my word of the year with my seasonal action plan and yes, some new things in the plan) was in 3 areas.   More than halfway through summer, Out & About and Creativity are both “behind schedule” of the goals I set.   I guess this is why I’m feeling I’m not being successful in activating the plans and achieving my goals. A review at this point is a great way to activate some new activity for August!

Healthy Living

  • Increase movement using Fit Bit tracking. I am not yet regularly hitting my daily steps nor my 5 activities per week. Specific focus for August is to get out on the SUP, walk the dog more often, and plan some hiking.
  • Eat more healthy is so-so with some cooking of healthy dinners and more fruit & veggies, but I am still over-eating often with snacking or when going out. I need to also actively explore new recipes and plan on eating on the patio more often.

More Out & About- Summer Fun

  • Summer road trips are still a figment of my imagination! One is planned for first weekend in August; need to plan at least one more for August.
  • Two Summer Lovin Mini-Adventures with hubby happened (versus goal of 6). Since he’s participating in the friend’s things as well, do I give him credit?
  • New Fun Connections with friends is going better with one event done (twilight canoe and dinner – so fun) and 3 planned and booked for August.
  • Plan Iceland trip for fall needs serious attention or it will not happen.

Explore Creativity

  • Continue blogging and writing – I’ve been more consistent with weekly blog posts and link-ups, but have done nothing on exploring my book publication.
  • Explore Podcasts: I am doing another 21-daily meditation but have not really looked into other podcasts.
  • Reinstate Artist Dates Did attempt to read Byron Katie’s book (not a fan), but have not really planned any artist dates or the memoir activity I said I would try.


Looking at goals at a midpoint, whether it’s midpoint of the year or midpoint of the season, is a good way to re-energize! Overall, I do feel like I am SOAR-ing – savoring life daily, being optimistic, activating mini-adventures and healthy life pursuits, and being resilient in my cancer recovery. There’s some stuff to keep working on, but being a work-in-progress is a good thing!

Do you set and keep track of your goals? Does a regular review help you reenergize?

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21 thoughts on “Mid-Summer Goals Review

  1. In my book, you are soaring. I think it is awesome how much you are doing. I always think I am going to set some goals but never get to it. lol I did step out to a new restaurant this last month so that is something.


  2. Good grief woman! You have accomplished an amazing amount so far – and with such an intentional approach I’m not really surprised. I thought I was a planner and I’m nowhere near your calibre. While you’re lifting your game, I’m trying to plan less and just see how life goes. Maybe I need to “Rise” to the occasion so I can “Soar” as the year progresses?
    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM 🙂


  3. You wear me out Pat! Ha ha. You can take the woman out of the megacorp, but you can’t take the megacorp out of the woman.

    Yes, I keep track of my goals. As I think you know, I am a Getting Things Done (GTD) adherent, so those are the principles I use. I employ an app called Toodledo to track everything and I do review it from time to time, but not on a strict schedule.

    I admire your organization and planning and I wish you the best of luck in SOAR-ing through the remainder of the year.

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    1. I wear you out?!? How is that possible with all your different activities/hobbies/interests, Mr Renaissance Man? Although it’s sad that you can’t take the megacorp out of the woman…I really do need structure. Maybe I always did.

      I did read the GTD approach and found it interesting but not something I wanted to build into my thinking…. it actually felt a little too structured for me! LOL I use basic pen and paper and lists and some computer lists …. no app for me even. But it seems to be working ok. This was a good time to review and reenergize… a “time to time review” as you call it. Right after my retirement anniversary, we’re settled in the new house, I’m through recovery…. a good time to re-energize.


    1. And I wish we were closer for you to join in as well! I told myself this morning to just keep trying …as I got 2 no-thank-you’s in the past few days. Disheartening, but then I need to focus on the things that are proceeding OK. And keep trying.

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  4. Hi Pat! Wow! As a planner myself I am humbled by your lists and intentions! Good for you for all that you’ve managed to accomplish….I”m usually happy if I get half of what I’m shooting for 🙂 Of course, it has helped me tremendously to not beat myself up for not doing them all. And I think I agree with your assessment in your reply to Deb when you said that you might just have TOO many goals to begin with. I’ve always appreciated Stephen Covey’s “first things first” as a way to keep them balanced. ~Kathy

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    1. Kathy, If you say a 50% achievement works for you, I’m going with that! And yes, I’m trying not to beat myself up, but use this moment to re-engergize. There’s a couple of things that I really do want to be on the first things first list…harder to get going, but bigger sense of accomplishment.


  5. I’m afraid my goal setting and organizational skills went on holiday after I retired last year! But I’ve always been a structure lover, so you have inspired me to get back into the practice. Winging it has been fun and relaxing for a change, but there are a few things I could improve on. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Tracey, I realized that I “feel better” with structure. It’s not right for everyone, but it’s right for me. I need checklists and calendars and goals to track. I’m happy with that. Winging it all the time made me anxious. And yet, I live with someone who is all about winging it! He thinks my checklists and calendars are insane (until I know not to miss an event because it’s written down.) You’ll find the right level of structure you personally need in time.

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  6. Hi Pat, I think you are achieving so much this year and the best part of having a plan is that you can adjust if and when necessary. It doesn’t mean you won’t do the things on your list, but sometimes life gets in the way and we just have to accept that. I am inspired by some of your activities and would love to incorporate them into my life. Keep up the great work as you are motivating us to try new things. xx

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    1. Sue, you are so right. Adjusting the plan ….it’s not in stone and the only person in-charge of it is really me! I love how my blogging buddies are my best cheerleaders. Trying new things has been fun…but I’m not pushing much out of my comfort zone like you’ve been doing. You motivate me as well!

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      1. Where would I be without my blogging buddies, Pat? I am surrounded by wonderfully, wise women who I’m learning from each week. We are a fabulous community and when someone says I motivate or inspire them, they make my day! 🙂

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      2. I’m just popping back to say thank you Pat for joining us at #MLSTL. We have built such a lovely community and I’m so pleased you are part of it. Have a beautiful day. xx


  7. I want to say a big ‘ditto’ to Deb’s comments, Pat. And, if it helps, I can add the research that says that the more goals we take on at one time, the harder it is to achieve any of them. So I think you’re doing phenomenally well with lots of goals.

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    1. Karen, Oh yeah… Realizing I had too many goals set was part of this review. So getting OK with achieving some and not all is part of it. But I am also reenergized for doing some (different) things in August…. we’ll see if it happens.


  8. Way to go, Pat! Even if you feel you’re not hitting all your goals, you are tracking and reviewing them which is more than most people. I like to think of the analogy of flying a plane – flight is not a matter of zooming from A to B, but rather a series of course corrections along the entire route, that gets you to your intended goal.


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    1. Deb, interesting analogy! As a person who was all about the destination (not the journey), I’m trying to not be a “get from point A to point B” as much these days. My review helped me see 1) Ive got way too many goals and 2) I’m doing OK on many of them. Another case of being too hard on myself. Thanks for the “way to go”…. my blogging buddies are some of my best cheerleaders.

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