Who Am I – A Guest Post

Since I’ve retired, I have spent quite a bit of time in self-discovery. As a workaholic with limited hobbies who could no longer define herself by her job, who was I? Socrates said Know Thyself and recently a series of events inspired me to create a Who Am I guest post as part of Karen’s tribe over at Profound Journey.  Check it out…and while there, check out Karen’s wide selection of posts.  Another recent retiree, she has wide ranging interests and always has deeply researched her topics!

This foray into who I am is not about answering the 10 questions that give away all your password security answers.  Although I believe more than 50% of people claim their favorite color is blue. 🙂  This is getting to the heart of who I am… what is creativity to me, how do I express affection, and when am I most myself. Karen had posed many of these questions… hence my post on her blog.  It was a challenging activity and helped me feel more comfortable with who I am now.

Who Am I? I am a recovering workaholic who still adores finding the framework (the structure) in complexity and is learning how to enjoy living an active, healthy life style, one that does not include working.

Have you been able to re-define yourself in retirement?


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9 thoughts on “Who Am I – A Guest Post

    1. I guess it’s how define retirement for yourself! If you define writing as your work and get compensation for it, then you could be a “continuer” which Nancy Schlossberbg (social psychologist that writes about retirement) says is one of the “common” types of retirement. Retirement for many is just being able to do what they want, when they want.


  1. Hi Pat,
    I so appreciate you putting your post on my site. The responses you’ve gotten show that where you are in your retirement transition really resonates with lots of people. That augers well for your retirement transition book, my friend!

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    1. I was glad I could add in some of my favorite quotes to that post. And it’s always fun to dine like-minded folks! Another planner who understands the importance of lists – yeah!


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