Mid Month Musings

This is a mini-post on some musings that reading various blog posts and listening to podcasts through the past month have stimulated.

  • Spring-cleaning this year is about releasing reminders of a different era and a different persona. It was time to let go of old work papers and memorabilia. Finding out about a free Shred Day also pushed me to complete a significant paper-purge!  Are you still cluttered with your old persona memorabilia?


  • I saw the words “mundane routine” and thought about how my daily routines don’t feel mundane anymore!   I find peace of mind in my daily journaling and satisfaction in my weekly yoga and Zumba classes. I even have a feeling of accomplishment with regular errands and house cleaning. Life isn’t mundane!


  • I’m reminded that as a Type-A recovering workaholic, relishing unscheduled time is still a work-in-progress. Spending time in a way that does not seem to be “productive” (like doing meditation, reading a novel, (just) commenting on blog posts, taking a mid-day nap) is a challenge to declare that a “feel-happy-day”.


  • A few bloggers in the April A to Z challenge talked about being open to new things. Since I find it challenging to move out of my comfort zone, it’s made me question myself: How will I focus on learning moving forward to take advantage of this time of life?  Some new affirmations:  I will align my thoughts with the life I want to live.   I will pay attention to synchronicity and live joyfully every day.   I was inspired to start a Try 52 New Things this year list (inspired by Joanne at My Life Lived Full).  More to come on that!


  • Some blogger friends (Joanne – above & Karen – profound journey) have called themselves Seekers. The Seeker description had me thinking…Seekers are often on a journey of discovery. For me, seeking is not about missing out or finding the next fun/interesting thing; it’s satisfying my curiosity and finding my own truth/my own life. Are there different kinds of seekers? And this questioning led me down a multi-hour rabbit hole of discovery about archetypes!  I discovered I’m a Sage, a seeker of knowledge. 🙂


  • I was intrigued with this sensorial description of mindfulness that builds on the “S” in my SOAR: slow down and savor the taste of food, the spring breeze bringing in the scent of flowers, the cushy comfort of soft throws and pillows. SOAR is really working as my word of the year bringing both starting new things (activation) and mindfulness!


  • Completing a 21-day meditation (an Oprah on-line freebie) reminded me that I am responsible for my own journey, my attitude, my reactions, and my happiness. My new mantra: I am becoming the ME I want to be – the ME I am meant to be. I am living the retirement lifestyle I’ve envisioned. I do deserve the good things that happen in my life, having the (good) things I have worked for.    I am …. Active, Connected, Creative, Worthy.

I find various blogs and podcasts mind-stimulating.  What’s your favorite mind-stimualting blogger, curated blog site, or podcast?


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35 thoughts on “Mid Month Musings

    1. Good for you! I’m thinking I need another clothing purge. I’ve been retired now 4 years (this summer) and haven’t worn work clothes more than 3 times in 4 years…do I really need a full closest of slacks & jackets & pumps? Even if some are super cute… I never wear them! Sigh.


  1. I love the concept of Seeker. It really can be a rabbit hole that can so easily be disappeared into. I love following my curiosity, but I also like seeking out new stories and new experiences…or new experiences through new stories. #TeamLovinLife

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    1. I’ve gone down a few rabbit holes with my knowledge seeking! Not so with much experience seeking. Trying new things/experiences is a new thing for me (no pun intended) – a combination of “out of comfort zone” and “52 new things” inspirations from blogging buddies!


  2. Hi Pat ~ Great to visit your blog on #MLSTL! I too completed a 21-Day Meditation with Oprah and Deepak. I’ve got to make time to do that more often.
    Glad to be following your blog

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  3. You’ve said several things that peeked my interest. The idea of uncluttering is for about letting go of a different era and a different persona. The persona is a bit hard to let go of, especially when I am still struggling with what the new persona is. It’s never too late to stress about who I want to be when I grow up!
    I also still struggle with relishing unscheduled time. i feel guilty, like I should be doing something. All those years of workaholicism have left a scare.
    I wrote about seekers this week too. I really like that term and I think it describes many of us in midlife!

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    1. Michele, I understand the “who is the new persona” challenge! I’m working on a post about “who am I” and it’s hard to articulate who I am becoming. The trapeze concept of letting go of one bar and flying over to the other with some confidence you’ll catch it comes to mind. I did say my word of this year is SOAR. LOL. One of the things I love about the blogging world is finding others sharing same challenges and journey. Knowing I am not alone is so helpful!


    1. Victoria, the 52 new things is quite fun, especially as my Hubby is kinda on-board. He keeps pointing out things I should try. Some quite inappropriate, but it gives me a laugh! And yes, it made me try something the other evening (a food) I never would have tried, except I thought “I need this for my list!”.


  4. Hi Pat, I enjoyed your post very much. I have been getting rid of lots of old papers. In fact, 2 small file cabinets worth and there is more to go. I want to declutter my life. Thank you for your inspiration!

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    1. Teresa, Isn’t it amazing what we think we need to keep? I did a huge purge before we downsized last fall (3 small file cabinets – seriously… 6 drawers of papers!) . And then this spring, I looked at things I still kept and asked myself… why did I move this? And another 2 drawers of paper gone. Unfortunately, I think there’s still another 2-3 drawers/boxes that should go. But small steps each time is good. Good luck with your paper purge!


  5. So tickled to have found your blog…now added to my “women of a certain age” blog reading list. 😉

    “I’m reminded that as a Type-A recovering workaholic…” That so describes me…it’s taken me years to NOT feel guilty if I’m not always doing something I consider worthwhile (mindlessly watching tv isn’t worthwhile but I still do it…LOL).

    We try to take an annual cruise in Jan/Feb and this time around, I promised myself I’d try different foods. I’m not adventurous that way. So I did and I found several things I liked. For me, this was way outside my comfort zone.

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    1. Welcome Donna and thanks for adding me to your group.

      Another recovering workaholic! I hesitate at times to use that term as I do not want to denigrate those who are truly dealing with challenging addictions, but it very much describes my unique challenges. I love some mindless TV – I’m into The Voice this season big time. Sigh.

      Congrats on trying some foods outside your comfort zone! I’m a huge foodie, so not much outside my comfort zone there. A few things… and yes, I tried one the other evening. And no, I would not eat it again! LOL.


  6. Hi Pat, so glad you made it to the Midlife Share the Love Party. I actually was inspired by you the other day when I read this post and helped my husband clear through some of his parents house. this job really needs to be done but we keep procrastinating. Have a great week and I’ve shared on social media. xx

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    1. Oh Sue, I can understand. I was the primary person dealing with my husband’s parent’s house after his mom passed away. It took me 6 months to clear through everything. And then when we moved and downsized, I found boxes of stuff in our attic/basement that we had just moved to “deal with later” – that was 15 years later, now. Talk about procrastination.

      Thanks for sharing as well!


  7. It’s great to see the working of someone else’s mind through posts like this Pat. It can be hard not to feel productive some days but I’m getting used to the feeling 😊 I love reading other people’s blogs for inspiration, I also listen to various podcasts and try to remain positive. #mlstl

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    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for helping me realize I’m not alone on the “un-productive days”! As a recovering workaholic, this is definitely something to get used to. I need to find some more podcasts …do you recommend any? It’s a new thing to me.


    1. Hey Donna. It was a new post approach for me. Nothing big enough to write a full blog topic at the moment, but also a way to share nuggets of ideas. I think I might do it again, but try harder to recall who/where the thought-starter was so I can reference it better.

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  8. I had similar feelings when my husband and I did our big paper purge earlier this year… I was getting rid of a former me, one that no longer existed. The new me values space and calm, clutter-free living. The new me also doesn’t need so many paper documents, much preferring to access things online. I’m fully behind Feel Happy Days!

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  9. Hi Pat, my Sage Seeker friend. I just bought Carol Pearson’s book ‘The Hero Within’ on your recommendation and am looking forward to having the time to read it so I can chat with you further.

    I’m with you about uncertainty STILL regarding unscheduled time. I’ve been listening lately to how often I use the words ‘should’ and ‘need to’. It’s a LOT! And the crazy thing is, I am envious of people who are free to do as they wish with their days. Somehow it hasn’t occurred to me that I’m one of those people.

    Way to go on the spring cleaning, Pat. Now that’s something I love to do and feel no compunction about doing often. You’re so right that it is the releasing of old personas from a different time.

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    1. Thanks Karen and looking forward to the chat about archetypes. The last 2 days were do-nothing days (besides journalling, blogging, reading, crosswords, and food shopping) and I’ve been telling myself …it’s OK. That Inner Critic voice is so hard to shut off. I just put on a pair of walking shoes to tell myself to get out and walk. (and what am I doing… on line blogging) We went right to summer, 87 degrees and humid last 2 days and today again. It’s so hard to energy myself to get active. And after last month of busy-ness, I’m feeling like a complete slug.


      1. I’m right there with you, Pat. I need to finish a post for tomorrow, will only need about 15 minutes to do so, but my brain won’t work. I need to cut grass too and am so glad that it is raining today so I have an excuse. I’ve been drifting for days and keep on drifting. It’s maddening.


  10. Thanks Pat for the shout-out. It’s always a thrill to discover that I’ve inspired someone 🙂

    In kind, your mantra ‘I will align my thoughts with the life I want to live’ inspires me. I often let my thoughts drift down the negativity lane. That doesn’t serve me well, or my sense of happiness.
    I am a firm believer that we are each responsible for our own happiness and we might not like what happens in our lives outside of our control, but we can choose how to react to it.

    I too am learning how to slow down and savour 🙂

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    1. Being aware of negative thoughts is something I am trying to do this year. I know it’s OK to feel negative emotions, but becoming aware of the negative thoughts is mind-opening. When am I doing a negative comparison? When am I telling myself I’m not good enough, strong enough, able enough? When am I allowing other people’s expectations (or my thinking they expect me) to rule my actions? Those are the thoughts that don’t align with the life I want to live!


  11. Great mid month musing, Pat and I’m interested in the post about trying 52 new things this year. I must check that out. You and I have similar personalities I think ‘workaholic’ however I really get inspired to make changes when I read other women’s blogs and how they are living life beyond working. I also need to start cleaning out all of our old documents. I know some we have to keep but most of it can certainly be shredded. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to get started and have a great week!

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    1. Sue, I filled up 7 bags of paper for the Shred Day. And that was after last year’s huge purge when we moved. It continues to amaze me what I think I need to keep… and then look at the next year and say “why?”!

      The New Things personal challenge has been fun. Hubby is all on-board. He’s “that’s a new road you’ve never driven on” or “you should try that, it’s new”. He even pulled a cartoon that talked about new flavors of ice-cream…that fits according to him.

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