Vision Board & Word of the Year — 2017

Choosing a word for the year takes careful consideration.   I contemplated a number of words after my choice last year (JOY) was so impactful for me in 2016.   My word for this year finally emerged while doing my vision board for the year!

My word for 2017 is Live.   (the verb)

Vision Board 2017visionboard2017


Story: While last year’s vision was all about color and springtime, this year is more dominated by BLUE. Blue kite, blue backgrounds – diving in, flying, like a butterfly – the blue sky of summer.

My box of life is opening up to release all kinds of wonderful, everyday things this year. Every day life brings joy – lists of everyday activities, everyday things linked to friendship, being active… yoga, wine with friends, eating healthy, writing, biking in Florida, SUP, walking the dog.

The foundation of this life being opened up still is Tim (wedding rings, colorful heart).  

Two other big parts of the 2017 Vision – Home and Adventure.  

  • Finding the right home for us that is smart, stylish and right – comforting, welcoming. White and blue? Great kitchen? Well organized?  Oh yes!
  • And adventures – African Safari (July!), day trips, bird-watching (explore Roadscholar!), learning to swim this summer, Iceland (Northern Lights) next fall.  

This is the year about living life… with Tim by my side – from rings at beginning to his/her flip flops at the end.

Live.   Live Life.   Live Every Day.   Live Your Dreams.   Live Joyfully.   Live Authentically.   Live Actively.   Live with Intention.   Live.

It was quite amazing to me how the word seemed to emerge from my vision board.  So I will focus this third year of retirement transition on Living!   And post about it along the way.


A reminder on How to create a vision board:

Pick up 6-10 different kinds of magazines that you’re “attracted to”. I’ve gotten mine at the local half-price bookshop! Then thinking about “what do I want to happen this year?” or “what is my vision for my 2017”, flip through and rip out pictures that you feel a connection with. Using scissors and glue stick, cut and paste your pictures onto a poster board.   When you are done, if you are a word-girl like me, you can then “write the story” of the year you’ve created.


Have you considered doing a vision board for your year?



10 thoughts on “Vision Board & Word of the Year — 2017

    1. Welcome to blogging land! I’ve been doing it about 18 months now and still enjoy it. Mostly in learning from others in similar situations – either through their comments or their own blogs. As I don;t have many folks I know IRL doing the early retirement transition, this has really helped me.

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    1. I’m hoping it is similar to last year where 80-90% of my vision came to be. At least I can tell you… I booked the Africa Safari! But we had a major glitch on the house plan. I find that looking at the vision helps calm me when the glitches happen. Does your vision board calm you?

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      1. Wow, an African Safari! That would definitely be a bucket list item. I’m a pretty calm person by nature and don’t get too riled up about stuff. Sorry that you’ve run into a major glitch, but things have a way of working out… or you make different plans.

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    1. Thanks Donna. I enjoyed creating the board as well. It’s been helpful to have it as 2017 did not start out on a great footing. Dealing with some things and not blogging at the moment as cannot find mental energy for it. I will be back!


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