Do I go in a new direction with my blog?

Even though I've just gone through a major transition in my retirement, I've started to wonder if I should change the direction of my blog! Many of the bloggers whom I follow have started to go heavily into prompted posts and challenges.   They will do monthly posts on books read, things cooked, what they are … Continue reading Do I go in a new direction with my blog?

Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 1

Wise Woman’s Way by Berta Parrish has the subtitle of “A Guide to Growing Older with Purpose and Passion”. As I have often said, understanding my purpose and passion continue to be a challenge for me in my retirement transition. I was also intrigued with the use of the Wise Woman archetype. This blog captures … Continue reading Spirituality Reading – Notes on Wise Woman’s Way – Part 1

A Purpose-driven Retirement?

I’ve read repeatedly that the traditional retirement is considered to be a thing of the past. The older retiree stereotype of working for one company, living frugally/saving well, and retiring to a lifestyle of leisure activities and a snowbird lifestyle… no longer a valid profile. Oh dear, I fit this profile! The 21st Century Retirement … Continue reading A Purpose-driven Retirement?

What is my purpose?

So many of the retirement books talk about living your life’s purpose, leaving behind your legacy, and making a difference in the world. In many cases, a satisfying retirement is said to be dependent on articulating and then living according to your life purpose.   Every time I read about purpose, or hear a speaker … Continue reading What is my purpose?