Meditation Series on Gratitude

Another 21-day Meditation Series from the Chopra Center (link) was very inspirational for my Personal Spirituality exploration.   Spirituality exploration is one of my action plan items this year; as I worked through the holistic life domains in my Retirement Transition Process (see my book on Amazon), this was a domain area I felt needed more … Continue reading Meditation Series on Gratitude

Living a Healthier Lifestyle

I’ve enjoyed a number of the free meditation series offered by the on-line Chopra Center (link)  This blog post summarizes some of the insights I gathered from the one on Healing the Whole Self.   As part of my retirement transition, I am actively trying to live a healthier lifestyle and I hoped this meditation series … Continue reading Living a Healthier Lifestyle

My Meditation Experience

I’ve enjoyed the free 21-day Mediation Experiences offered by the Chopra Center and recently completed one on Energizing My Life – physically (capability), mentally (understanding), emotionally (compassion, tolerance, love), and spiritually. While I am still not a convert to daily meditation, I find the messages presented each day to be a wonderful and empowering reminder … Continue reading My Meditation Experience