Living with Asperger’s

Most Living with Asperger’s Syndrome information is about the individual who has it and how they can best function in the world. A great deal is written about children and maximizing developmental growth for someone with AS. But what about the people who live with the adult who has Asperger’s? Living with the adult who … Continue reading Living with Asperger’s

It’s Not an Overnight Transition

I’ve been thinking about my retirement transition a bit lately to understand if I’m done transitioning.   I like being able to check things off as being done.   Any transition is a journey, from the old to the new. It’ s one small step everyday. In the case of retirement transition, it’s a daily practice … Continue reading It’s Not an Overnight Transition

Stages of Retirement

I recently re-looked at the Robert Atchley (2000) 7 Stages of Retirement. He details the stages from pre-retirement through termination of retirement. I re-read his entry into retirement stage with renewed interest, as I have just passed through this stage (16 months since that day), as well as spoken to many about their own path … Continue reading Stages of Retirement

Re-establishing a Relationship Profile

All the books & blogs on retirement agree: active healthy relationships are critical for healthy aging. There are four major relationship areas in a person’s life, and the transition to retirement can stress, change, or eliminate your "relationship profile" overnight.  As with all my transitioning, understanding how my relationship profile was changing and then addressing … Continue reading Re-establishing a Relationship Profile

Words of Wisdom to Myself

As I have been working through my retirement transition, a series of mantras have helped me along the journey.  I repeatedly go back to these statements when I hit some of the lows or stumble on this path forward. 1) Keep a positive attitude. This isn’t rocket science. Many, many people have successfully navigated the retirement … Continue reading Words of Wisdom to Myself

Breaking through the Barriers

When was the last time you truly changed a life pattern? Stopped a long-term habit?   Started a new habit, formed a new relationship, or learned a new skill?   Changing patterns is not easy – and even a huge change like retirement transition doesn’t make creating new habits a simple task.   You do not wake up … Continue reading Breaking through the Barriers

The Lows of Transition

So retirement is all happy, happy, happy, right?   Not so much this first year where it felt a little bit like a roller coaster.  Many happy, stress-free days but also, the low points did happen.  You try something and get negative feedback. You lean in for something and get rejected. You feel totally uncertain … Continue reading The Lows of Transition

Learning to “Let it be”

As I began moving from full-time, compensated employment to something else I realized I needed to refresh myself on managing through change. Retirement is a major life transition, probably one of the biggest in my life. As I read through the retirement books & blogs, many discussed how the ending of a career can cause … Continue reading Learning to “Let it be”