Living a Positive Lifestyle

This blog post is the second based on my insights from listening to the free Chopra Meditation Series (link), my personal work on RELEASE (my WOTY – previous blog link), and reading a book on Journaling the Chakras (link). It’s even more important at the moment to live these life elements as hubby and I have been in a shelter-in-place mode now for 10 days.

How am I creating a positive lifestyle?

  • Live with Positivity – Beyond monitoring my self-talk towards thinking positively (see my last blog post), I also engage in activities I enjoy; spend time (even if it’s virtually!) with positive people; and keep a daily gratitude list, being grateful for who I am and what I have. My daily gratitude journaling is now into month three and I am really appreciating it in this unsettling time.


  • Appreciate Nature with all the senses – hear, see, feel, smell taste… waves crashing at high tide, birds soaring through the air, taste of salt in the mist, warmth of sun on the skin. I’m taking time to watch a sunrise, gaze at the stars, take a beach walk, and wonder at the phases of the moon and the changing seasons.


  • Create a Nurturing Environment – As we settle into our new space, I am working to create a home that brings comfort and joy and makes positive choices easy. I plan to light candles, buy fresh flowers, keep fruit on the counter, spend time on our comfortable outdoor furniture, and make sure I have easy access to use my bike & SUP. As we shelter-in-place in cold Ohio, I am appreciating wrapping up in a warm blanket, cooking comforting foods, and using on-line resources to continue my yoga practice.


  • Nourish the Body – I still need to consciously think about drinking more water, eating more whole foods (veggies and fruit), and eating with awareness. Yoga provides me with both grounding and flow – it is movement and meditation, strength and flexibility.   I am also working on body acceptance.


None of the ideas here are new, but the reminders I get in the readings and meditations I do are helpful. The reminders give me a combination of “gold star” achievement and “kick in the butt” reactivation!

Living in the Now has taken on a new meaning. As our life routines are in disarray, it’s helpful to think how to keep living a positive lifestyle in this crazy time.

18 thoughts on “Living a Positive Lifestyle

  1. Disarray is the perfect word for the way things are around here, too. And I thrive on routine, organization, have my ducks in a row. Last week, I was all over the place. Hoping to get better situated this week and adjusted to the new ‘norm’ that comes with increasing numbers of Covid-19 in our area.

    Enjoy your new space. Stay well.

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    1. I read this morning that routine provides us with a sense of security and safety. I do hope you find a new routine for yourself in this scary time. I’m trying for more routine myself this week.


  2. Hi Pat, You remind of a saying I have heard recently, ‘how we have been preparing our entire life for this moment.’ I greatly appreciate you sharing your insights. Your first photo which includes the saying “Live in the now” is huge for me. I think this has become one of my main mantras to stay positive right now. I love everything about your post. I appreciate the reminders. You are reminding me to ‘light the candles.’

    We have also been sheltering in place for about two weeks now. I have continued my daily yoga and walks (while we can). This morning I tried out a meditation that was highly recommended to me “Tara Brach,” approximately 10 minutes. I will add this to my daily routine. An excellent post, Pat! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Erica

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    1. Erica, I’ve added meditation in as well. As we enter week 3, I need to focus on getting a bit more active everyday. That’s my new focus, especially as I believe this is still weeks away from being over where I am.

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  3. Hi Pat, I don’t think we can ever be reminded enough about positivity. It is so easy to fall into a negative or anxious mindset especially at the moment with the pandemic that has hit hard. Thank you for some positive reinforcement and for sharing with us at #MLSTL. The blogging community is really pulling together at the moment more than ever which is wonderful to see. xx

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    1. Thank you so much for that zoom call. It was lovely to hear (and see) folks talking about how they are dealing with this situation – everyone is so positive. And thanks for getting me into zoom! I’m going to plan my own family call, now.


  4. Hi Pat, this is week 3 of staying home for me. I am also finding that living in the moment is helpful. I have to watch a quick update on the news and then shut it down. A you shared, gratitude has been big for me. If I am inclined to feel bad about being stuck or find myself getting depressed, I realize I am fortunate to be able to do so. I think we are doing the best we can in these times. Stay well!

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  5. Hi Pat – things are changing so rapidly and all my usual routines seem to have gone out the window! I now have no social activities at all and home is definitely where my heart is for the foreseeable future. I’m so grateful that I love our house and that my husband and I are happy in each other’s company. I’m also making a concerted effort to focus in on good news stories, funny memes, and staying in contact with family online. All in all life is still pretty good and I’m very grateful for that.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

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  6. Thanks for sharing. During this unusual times I believe it is extremely important to find ways to be thankful for what we have – even for this time that our lives are being changed without our consent. We can use this time to get close to our loved ones, to appreciate our homes, to get close to ourselves! With everyone so fearful during these times it is wonderful to have you reminding us to use this time to slow down, look around, appreciate what’s right in front of you. We all so very much for which to be grateful. Again, thanks.

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