Ready, Set, Go

The knowing doesn’t make the doing any easier.

A blog about selecting my 2018 Word-of-the-Year.

A pet peeve for me has always been the total focus on why something is important.   Training classes at work would focus on the why something was important, but not tell you how to actually do it. Even now, so much self-help writing focuses on the why… why you should have a purpose in life. Why you should live a healthy lifestyle. Why you need to be resilient, practice gratitude, have a strong network of friends. It’s often backed up with solid research; I’m not debating these things are important!

So little time in these writings focuses on how to do, or be, that/it. How do I find my purpose, become more resilient, eat healthier, make friends, be more active – day in and day out? I feel like shouting every time I read a new why-focused article – “Yeah, yeah I get it. Stop telling me why it’s important and help me figure out what I actually do!”


I’m a planner. I think through things, have check-lists, create multiple scenarios in my head, and set goals.   I’m rarely spontaneous.  But, I have friends who just jump into action – whether it’s work or play. They seem to be fine, they adjust as they go; and sometimes it seems they do more.

This year I want to focus on the doing. Implementing the How-to be more active, be resilient, eat healthier, maintain a strong support network, live a purposeful life. I want to turn the whys and the thinking and the intention into actual execution of the plan.   I want to learn new tools and techniques for turning intention into action and creating new habits. I want to savor life moments – time with friends, good food & conversation, quiet times.  I want to continue to practice positivity and obviously Kick Cancer.

A Word-of-the-Year is helpful to remind me of what I want to foster in myself in the upcoming year.   It’s part of my whole (possibly anal) set of tools – vision board, affirmations, and a value-based action plan with measures.  I’ve found it can be more powerful, and longer lasting, than a New Year’s resolutions.

At first I thought my word of the year was Action.   But with some wonderful inspiration in the Find-Your-Word-of-the-Year 5-day workbook and Facebook group from Susannah Conway (, I found a more meaningful word. It is a bit more complicated as it also incorporates 2 things to be and 2 things to do. But I think it fits where I am and what I want in 2018 – turning intentions into actions and beginning to soar in this new retirement lifestyle.

So my word of the year 2018 is:


savoring – optimistic – activating – resilient

This year I will soar: I will activate the plans (learn and do the How-To) and still savor the quiet moments (balance being with doing). I will be resilient in my battle against cancer and stay optimistic (practice positivity).

Do you have a Word-of-the-Year?


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10 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go

  1. Great word, Pat! I, too, can’t wait to hear about all your experiences in savoring and activating. I already believe you are optimistic and resilient – So you will only get better at it! ~ Lynn


  2. I think it’s very interesting that you have used an acronym of 4 supporting words – and yet the acronym is, in itself, a suitable word of the year.

    May you soar to limits you never thought possible!!

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    1. Thanks Donna. It’s starting to feel more right as I live with it a few days. It’s more complicated a word than previous ones. But maybe I need that duality of both being and doing, both slow (savor) and fast (activate). Hopefully the word will be reflective of my 2018!

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  3. Hi Pat,
    I’m glad you found Susannah Conway’s work so helpful. For future reference in other years, you might also want to look at Chris Brogan’s website. I think he actually started the whole “word of the year” movement, although he chooses three words.

    Chris would object to your word because it’s an acronym for four separate words and he’d tell you that the success rate on 4 words is substantially lower than that on three words. However, I think that because you word works as an acronym and also as a single word directive – to SOAR! – it’s quite perfect; the very trifecta winner of word of the year choices. Just my humble opinion, but if you ask yourself each morning – How will I SOAR today? and each evening How did I SOAR today? I believe you will achieve all that you want from this year.

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    1. Karen – what I liked about Susannah’s work was the obvious How-to and FB connection. I’ll check out to see if Chris Brogan’s website has similar. Susannah’s work actually encouraged what she called “support words” – I made mine into an acronym. And yes, I am absolutely putting it into my morning journaling… How will I SOAR today? (and today, I am activating a walk&talk even if it is 35 and raining…we are fair weather walkers but I texted her a “let’s move it indoors” and we are. Yeah for me!)


  4. I have never had a “word of the year”, though I did know one person who did that. He was very consistent. Every time you asked, “how are you?”, he would answer “effervescent” or “determined” or whatever his word happened to be. I used to get a chuckle out of it, but I could see where it would be a good reminder of your focus. Good luck with soaring!

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    1. LOL. Maybe I’ll try that response…how are you… I’m soaring. Hmm, might be misinterpreted in this day of legalized marijuana! I actually will use it in my journaling… knowing what the acronym stands for…. What am I doing to SOAR today? Very much self-focused and maybe will get me out of the worry-about-what-others-think mode I often find myself in. That’s a learning from you, for sure. Happy New Year to you & Jackie.


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