Is blogging really being a writer?

I started blogging for a few different reasons – one being that I have always loved to play with words.  Another reason was to share my thinking on retirement transition with others – the teacher in me coming out.   And still another is a desire to call myself a writer as part of my retirement persona.   But many people do not consider blogging “real writing”.   After reading Julia Cameron’s book The Right to Write, I have come to the conclusion that blogging is the 21st century essay writing.


If you’ve been reading my blogs (essays?) for a while, you’ve realized I love to read as a learning tool and then share what I’ve learned.   So here are some of the things I learned from Julia in this book. [I’ve read other books she has written – I would more probably recommend her The Artist Way versus this book, but there is still learning to be shared here.]

  • Writing brings clarity to the art of living. By writing about life, it helps you process experiences and see the path forward.     My writing about retirement transition has helped me along my own path of transitioning – from sorting through choices, to focusing on action, to seeing a bigger picture of the future. Writing has often moved me from passive thought to action.
  • Simply the act of writing makes you a writer. You do not need to have anything published to be a writer. You do not need to make money from your writing to be a writer. Write for the joy of writing.  Yes, I still have the idea of turning my blogs into a publishable book, but I no longer look towards that as the definitive point to feel a sense of accomplishment from the creation of words on paper.
  • Write to talk to the universe.   My writing says who I am, what I did, what I like, what is bugging me, what I want more of. It is a conversation about my life.   The act of writing is as much psychological as it is physical. I have often said my blogging is my own version of a life coach!   When I write things, they often seem to happen – the universe hears me. And others sometimes hold me accountable as well!
  • Your words are original; your words will resonate with someone.   Even if someone has written about the topic before (and I think every topic has been written about before!), you have your own individual insight into the topic. If you care enough to write it, there will be a reader (at least one) who reads it.   And if just one person reads your words, you have been heard.
  • Words have power. Sometimes they just flow out of you, like energy onto the paper. Writing is more about the process than the output.   Allow the words to flow and refine them later. Look inward to allow them to flow.


The Right to Write has inspired me to consider myself a (real) writer and to continue to blog.  After over a year of writing and 2+ years into retirement, I was starting to feel like it’s all been said.   Julia’s writing showed me, once again, that my inspiration to write about a topic comes from many things – a book, an article, someone else’s blog topic.   And a topic can be written about again in a different way.   Her book was a series of essays on writing where some things were “repeated” but with a different spin – almost like a series of blogs about writing!

So I will continue to write to express myself.   And I am encouraged to write some other things beyond retirement transition as well – life stories and memoirs.   Not with the intent to publish, but merely for the joy of playing with words!


Do you consider yourself a writer if you are a blogger?

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11 thoughts on “Is blogging really being a writer?

  1. Love your thinking here. “The intent.” Writing also helps me process my thoughts, and I share to help others think. And, I look towards other blogging writers for inspiration – topic and style. Love you consider yourself a photographer too! That is awesome. Happy Holidays!

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  2. Yes. Try writing a post with ‘writer’s block’. I’ve wondered about the editing aspect of blog writing vs. writing a book. How many times I’ve gone back to read a post I wrote and wanting to change the wording, idea, or message? As a writer, I can and have done that. I love to write poetry and utilize other people’s poetry posts (and, boy are THEY writers!!) as mentor text.

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    1. I’ve put off writing a post because I can’t find anything to say…I guess that leaves me as an “amateur” writer (versus professional) because if I don’t post for a couple days, nobody really notices/cares. But still a writer. 🙂 I also believe many of the bloggers I read are AMAZING writers as well!


  3. You are definitely a writer, Pat, by any definition that makes sense to me. Your words are well crafted, your thoughts are authentic and your experiences resonate with me. I certainly hope you will continue to put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard as your retirement journey continues. Best wishes for a Happy Holidays and New Year.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words, John! I do plan to continue. Someone told me my transition could take a few years and some days I feel like I’m just starting this journey. Happy New Year to you too!


  4. I LOVE when someone writes an excerpt of a book that I am interested in…but wouldn’t likely get around to reading (too many Book Club books jumping the queue)! So, thank you for doing this.

    I also LOVE debate! Your question “Are Bloggers Writers?” sparks much controversy. On the con side are such arguments as:, and and (to list only a few). On the pro side (along with Julia’s work) are such arguments as: Then there are the off-shoot of arguments on whether bloggers are journalists (, etc., etc.

    Although the arguments are fun to read, and all have their points. I agree with you and Janis (and Julia). Of course bloggers are writers. Just as poets, novelists, essayists, screenwriters, journalists, etc. are all forms of writing, blogging too is another form. Thanks for posting on this very interesting topic!


  5. I enjoy your blog and consider bloggers such as yourself to be writers. I think that we subscribe to blogs not knowing what or how a person will write, but choose to continue reading their blogs because we enjoy their writing. As Linda says, you express yourself and share those personal thoughts and reflections, which in turn causes your readers to reflect upon certain topics. As well, you provide enjoyment to your readers. Face it Pat, you’re a writer!!


  6. Pat, if you write it, I will read it…that is your 1 person, but I am not alone. Your words reach many people, and make us all think more. Keep writing…(blogging)….Linda

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  7. I do! Maybe like I consider myself a photographer, even though I have much to learn about taking pictures. As a contrast, I don’t consider myself a chef just because I cook, or an athlete just because I exercise regularly. Maybe it’s the intent? Anyway, I love to tell a story with my words and writing helps me process my thoughts. Because my blog makes my thoughts and words public, it makes me want to become a better writer.

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    1. Hah – wordpress goofed me up again. I replied to all when I meant to reply to you. Ugh. see the ….. Love your thinking here. “The intent.” message! Someday I will figure out how to un-do this type of thing!

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