Looking Back – 1 Year of Blogging

There are many moments in life that cause us to stop and reflect. In looking back, hopefully you can marvel at your accomplishments and not regret your choices. And then, look forward to adjust, reinforce the path, or re-establish habits.

I just passed my one-year anniversary of being a blogger. It’s been an amazing year for me – learning a lot about the blogging world and how to blog. It was a totally new activity for me… I wasn’t even a reader of blogs! But I wanted to write and connect with my writing to others.

My original intent for my blog was stated: “I uncovered a desire to write, a love of research & synthesis, and a realization that I liked to advise/teach others. This all merged into creation of this… my Retirement Transition blog! With this blog, I am hoping to connect with others on similar transition journey from full-time career to what comes next.”

Since I’m still in the retirement transition and in the spirit of MegaCorp habits, I had to do a year review and post the “measurable results”. In the MegaCorp world, it’s all about the numbers!

– Number of posts: 46 I am quite excited about that number, even if my goal was one/week, which should have meant 52. I’ve learned that sometimes the words flow, and other times I just want to sit on the beach and watch the waves. And no, that is not figurative, it is literal! I’ve noticed that when we go to Florida, my blogging goes on hiatus. And since I hope to be spending more time there in the future, I’ll need to address that habit.

– Number of followers: 140. I am beyond excited about that number. I am ecstatic, thrilled, blown away. And humbled. That many folks found enough inspiration in my words to say, yeah, I’ll follow you. Just WOW. And thank you.

This past year, I have “met” some amazing bloggers on line and been inspired by so many of you. I have moved along my personal Retirement Transition journey, and watched many of you – ahead of me and behind me – learn about your own journey as well.

I plan to continue this blog. While I am 2 years into retirement, I am not sure I have fully transitioned. My life has a couple of big things yet to be done to feel like that transition is done. The big one – a downsizing house move is in the plans. And, I am re-thinking some of my career/work domain choices. With two Life Domains in vision refinement, I feel like I am still in transition. Which is OK. I’m learning to enjoy the journey! Thanks for sharing in it.

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8 thoughts on “Looking Back – 1 Year of Blogging

  1. Congratulations on your one year of blogging. It is an accomplishment. I know I didn’t start blogging for the same reasons that I’m blogging now. I will be coming up on 3 years this fall. It is quite interesting that we can meet so many different kinds of people and build relationships around the world through blogging! I look forward to seeing your journey continue.

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    1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your blog. I started mine about six months ago and feel much like you do. I’m loving the feeling of building something from scratch and learning so much during this creative process. It’s so exciting and liberating! Good luck!
      Terri 😘

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  2. Congratulations on your one year mark, Pat. I’ve been retired for 8 months and your blog has helped me in my journey. So many of your posts have given me food for thought in how I regard this new stage in my life. I look forward to your posts, so please keep them coming.

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  3. “I am not sure I have fully transitioned”…. Pat, as in our professional and personal lives while employed, retirement is not something that is fully transitioned into. The trite phrase “life is a journey” holds true even in retirement. As is true during the “working” years, learning new skills, manners of dealing with situations, etc. is the norm, retirement does not end the learning. It may have a new focus, but it remains. My focus has changed from psychiatric nursing to flying kites. Kiting can be thrilling, the dangers, the rigging, newer and bigger toys. Retirement is not something to achieve, it is like happiness, once you achieve it, it is gone.

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