Vacation Mindset

There’s been talk recently about whether you actually go “on vacation” if you are retired.   I recently took a trip to our beach cottage – our vacation destination for years and the place I used to call “my future retirement home”.    Well, retirement is here, it is not our home yet, and I still had a vacation mindset while I was there!


So how was a vacation mindset different than “real life”?   I was a lot more active.  I was more spontaneous.  And, yes, I was also more laid-back if there was a change of plans.  We ate out more.   I did less “work”, including less blog writing.   I read “trash novels”.   I participated in more happy hours.   I started the day putting on flip-flops and a bathing suit, just in case.  I was, can I say it, happier.


It made me wonder why some of those habits just don’t translate to “real life” here in Ohio!  What prevents me from being more active here?   Eating out more often? Participating in more happy hours?  Being happier every day?


But it also highlighted for me that a vacation mindset is a change in perspective that is needed at times. A vacation mindset shifts my thinking to someplace else – whether it’s the laid-back sand in your toes beach-mindset of our Florida beach cottage or the new city, intense exploration I hope we have on our trip to NOLA next month.


I will try to continue to bring some of those (good) habits back, but it’s still fun to be away and in a very different mind-space on vacation.  And for that mind-set to make those days just a bit happier.

14 thoughts on “Vacation Mindset

  1. Being home here in Ohio is a return to the regular, regimented lifestyle that has roots in the pre-retirement days. While in Florida, you get to shed all the reminders of “regular” daily life and habits and start your lifestyle anew. This is why I really LOVE taking the trailer out for extended weekends and flying kites. I see old friends from this lifestyle and get to leave the house and all the things associated with it behind.

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  2. Although I am not tied to a workplace and have put myself into a ‘retirement’ space, I am still very responsible for keeping to a schedule, meeting commitments and such. Some are self-imposed and others are imposed by others. Sometimes I feel that I need a vacation from my retirement (or as I tell people, my sabbatical) to give myself permission to just ‘be’ free of all things necessary and demanding. So my vote is that you do sometimes need a vacation from retirement! Sandra

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    1. I have found I too need a schedule in retirement. One that is changeable, for sure. Even on vacation, there is a plan. The difference I think is in the flexibility of it. Happy hour seems so much easier to implement on vacation!

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  3. Pat, I think you hit the nail on the head with the idea that you are just “someplace else.” I have no doubt that you are relaxed and happy when you are at home. It’s just that when you travel the experiences are different – is it a vacation mindset, or just a completely different set of circumstances that allows us to live differently? We are both so lucky to be able to change locations somewhat on a “whim.” That said, I think life is telling you to read more trashy novels at home once in a while! Have a great weekend!

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    1. LOL. I read a bunch of trash novels last summer…in Ohio! My half-price book store had bags of books for $8. Bags of trash novels…my fav are romances. Always a happy ending. Guess it’s time to revisit and stock up for this summer!

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  4. Thanks for further contributing to the “is it really vacation?” mystery. I appreciated reading your point of view. Sounds like it was a great trip!

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    1. I get so much inspiration from reading others….and then actually being “on vacation” last month really made me think about my own feelings about it. Perhaps I will post again on the topic after our May trip…a very planned weekend in New Orleans! Thinking that will not be laid back…but hoping I can be flexible with my plan.


  5. I’m still not sure I’d call it a “vacation,” but you are so right about being more free when we are away from home. We just got back from a week away and we ate out (mostly because we had to) and stayed up way later than we normally do at home. There is certainly something to be said about getting away from our day-to-day obligations but also nice to get home to our (happy) routine. The key is to incorporate the best of both!

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    1. I agree! – I am still thinking of trying to incorporate some of the best both ways. How to blog more when wi-fi-less. How to be more active here is Ohio, when the beach is not calling for wonderful walks.

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  6. You nailed it… There is a difference between being retired and on vacation.
    Here at home there are still chores and bills to be taken care of.
    Vacation is the escape from the everyday.
    And it’s easy to get in a daily rut… even in retirement. 😉

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    1. Ah Ellen, I am trying very hard not to get into a daily rut. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing ping-pong I have so many different things going on! Yeah, chores and bills too, but regular fun things (food club, Zumba) to avoid the feeling of being in a rut. Hopefully that continues as I never year 3 of retirement.


    1. I’ve wondered a few times if I was “finished transitioning” and your comment confirms… nope not yet! Which is OK! I am having fun exploring new things. I love the laid-back feel when I go to Florida, so maybe that will continue to seep into my Ohio self.


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