Changing Conditioned Responses

It’s been said, whether true or not, that it takes 10,000 times to master a new skill.  So practice, practice, practice is the key.  I’m trying to master new thought patterns/new beliefs in order to modify my (often negative) conditioned responses.   Active awareness is the first step. I’m a Thinker. I probably think too much … Continue reading Changing Conditioned Responses

Thinking About Thinking

I’ve been thinking more and more about Thinking! All the psychological research suggests there is strong connection between what you believe (think) and what you do (behavior).   I found a great discussion on the thought process by Dr. Johnson in his work on Spiritual Strengths  and have gone back into looking at thought pattern to clarify … Continue reading Thinking About Thinking

Thinking Strengths & Personality

As part of my training for becoming a Retirement Life Coach, I was exposed to some interesting theory on how we think and act, which then evolved into the hypothesis that we have innate strengths at each stage of the thinking/acting process.   Here’s a short synopsis of personality functions through the thinking/acting process from the … Continue reading Thinking Strengths & Personality