Taking Stock – What’s Working?

I love lists and tools. I’ve used a number of different tools this past year to aid in creating and implementing my retirement lifestyle – a 52 new things challenge, seasonal bucket lists, vision boards, word-of-the-year, a jolts of joy listing (crafted versus my values), and out-of-my-comfort zone challenges.   As we near the end of … Continue reading Taking Stock – What’s Working?

SOAR Activation – 52 New Things

As part of my SOAR focus this year (A=activate), I wanted to try new things, create new habits, make art to express my uniqueness….basically live the retirement lifestyle I envisioned for myself. Over at My Life Lived Full, Joanne reported on her year of 52 New Things, which aligns great with my year’s activate goals. And … Continue reading SOAR Activation – 52 New Things