Retirement Lifestyle Domain of Personal Growth

This post completes Throwback Thursday across the 7 Domains of Life framework: Location/Lifestyle, Relationships/ Connections, Personal Development/Growth, Health/Wellbeing, Work/Career, Hobby/Leisure, Finances/Prosperity.  Today is about Personal Growth/Development. Lifestyle Domains Framework - Retirement Transition This last domain has always been the most difficult one for me as it is (in my framework) connected to purpose, legacy, and … Continue reading Retirement Lifestyle Domain of Personal Growth

Spirituality Exploration Continued

This year is my year of personal spirituality exploration and I continue to read (recommended) books, listen to on-line meditation series (Chopra Center), read various blogs (such inspiration out there!), and have started listening to podcasts. Last weekend, I even went to a weekend Yoga Wellness Retreat, which included a guided meditation and a Reiki … Continue reading Spirituality Exploration Continued