Summer Review and Fall Plans 

I am a planner. Even in retirement, I need to have things on the calendar. Not crazy busy days, not every day something, but a good selection of activities across the week that fit my retirement lifestyle vision.  I find that seasonal action planning helps me both continue the things that are working for me as well as put focus on things that I need to boost.   An added bonus is reviewing the past season accomplishments.  These are not necessarily huge wins, but are elements of living a retirement lifestyle that brings contentment.

Highlights from the summer of 2021 are surprisingly good.  Despite Red Tide (serious algae bloom that made outdoor activities almost impossible due to bad air) and COVID Resurge (causing a pull-back on social commitments again), there were a number of things that made me smile looking back:

  • Immersion in local flora, including garden visits, nursery visits, garden club talks, and planting new things around the yard.
  • Beach time, when I could.  Beach walks, shelling, and even a new beach I finally explored.
  • Sunrises, sunsets, storms, and stars.  One of the things I was looking forward to in Florida was being outside more, becoming more aware of the seasons, the phases of the moon, the tides.
  • Foodie fun.  I enjoyed the 12 pounds of peaches from The Peach Truck (yummy smoothies!), playing with new spices (a housewarming gift – thanks Lori B) and fresh herbs (another gift – thanks Donna L), plus summer foods like corn on the cob, iced coffee, and margaritas.
  • Completing the Kitchen Refresh.  It expanded to include all new appliances, but also a sea-glass colored backlash, white cabinets with new hardware, and pendant lights. I’m super happy with how it turned out.
  • Completing The Big Move details.  From “ists” appointments to lawyer meetings to DMV visits, it feels nice to have (almost) everything done!

Looking ahead to this fall, I’m continuing my focus on living my retirement lifestyle vision:  Active (body), Connected (heart), Creative (soul) and Contemplative (mind).   While I’m not going to list the various activities that fit in those spaces, there are some specific things for fall and this fall in particular, that need mention:

  • Fall foods! I need to find apple sources (apple fritters, apple cider). And look up some new soup and chili recipes, although with temps still in the high 80’s I am not 100% sure when that fall comfort food cooking will commence.
  • Kick start some of the living in Florida activities that have not yet been started – live theater going, beach yoga, local foodie dinner monthly, long bike ride, SUP/Kayak.  Plan “out & about” activities for both hubby dates and girlfriend day trips.
  • Nagging hubby weekly to work on office and garage sorting, organization, and de-cluttering/donating.

Is there something you’re planning for this fall specifically?

Picture Credit: Fall beach walk this week, more birds and sand clean-up tracks than people!

23 thoughts on “Summer Review and Fall Plans 

  1. You have got to share some of your fall recipes…hey, come join in for the chili-soup-stew recipe swap and blog hop!! You can share a chili or soup recipe with us and get some new ideas to try , too. I love apple fritters and we have a market within walking distance makes some delicious ones. We were stopping in there on Sundays before church. Need to implement that again!!

    Dear you!! Having to still working with the hubs on sorting and decluttering and donating. I bet you feel like you have been doing that for a year or more. Hope it is all soon sorted and organized. I am going through my seasonal decorations as I get them out each season and purging some of them…PC is delighted. Our garage does look some better although I never thought it looked bad!! Of course, I didn’t!! But we could always get our cars in there, and 4 pieces of gym equipment and 2 bikes!! And a lot of bins of decorations!! 😛

    Will be interested in following along as you find new adventures and activities to enjoy in Florida. Be sure to take pictures of all the new things you try. I am so proud of how well you have adjusted so quickly.

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    1. Leslie, I’ve never been a picture poster on my blog, so this will definitely be a learning curve for me. I am going to try for a (decent) kitchen picture.

      You do realize that the “nag the hubby” is probably the least likely to succeed item, right? I had to laugh about your fitting cars in the garage. I have not had space in any garage for a car in 22 years. Yes, we have a 3++ car garage now, and not any space for a car. At all. A friend just told me, she’s new to Florida also, that all her Christmas decorations were ruined by storing them in the garage down here – heat and humidity. So I might be in for a rude-awakening in December. Christmas is the only holiday I decorate for… I haven’t in 3 years because of travel back & forth around the holidays. I’m looking forward to learning how to decorate this new space for the holiday!

      I’ll be looking at the recipe swap for sure… but I never follow recipes when I cook soups, stews, or chilies. I always add in extras – beans or veggies or just “wing it” with what I have on hand. Since I’d never had a recipe turn out “great”, I’m happier with my winging it usually – at least I’m getting good boost of legumes or veggies!


  2. Your kitchen sounds wonderful, Pat. Prior to COVID, my husband and I used to go to Mazatlan regularly, and one of our favorite ways to relax in the late afternoon was walking the beach collecting sea glass…so when you said you had sea-glass colored backsplash, It brought back warm memories. I’m looking forward to fall hikes, making soup, and eating a caramel apple for starters. I hope you enjoy your fall in Florida.

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    1. Christie, Ooh, caramel apple. Might need to keep my eyes open for that. I’m really not sure what apple stuff will be around. In Florida we are certainly not getting typical local fall produce (apples, pumpkins, squash).

      My entire house is painted in “sea-glass” colors of blue and green. it’s beach-y. I’m going to try and get decent picture of the kitchen to post. 🙂


  3. I too am a planner but have reduced this much more as time has gone on in retirement. I use a large calendar on our fridge for appointments and special occasions and now, finally got husband to agree to shared appointments via our phones and when he is due for new medication. This last period of time, I finally have NO cancer checks or other related appointments to meet and it feels both surrel and good. I made a plan once I was in semi-recovery that I got dressed and out somewhere each day. I have the blog for some attention and I have social media for fun. I don’t long to join anything anymore…I am more than content catching up with people as it suits me. We have just heard I can travel 2 hours to see my Dad soon and that is a big deal since we have been in lockdown (as he has) & it’s been June since I last visited.

    Thank you for sharing your post for this week’s link up in Life This Week on Denyse Whelan Blogs. It’s a lovely sharing place you’ve visited and added your post. I wish you well and next Monday, the link up is Share Your Snaps…but of course, any post, old or new, on/off prompts is most welcome. Denyse.

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    1. Denyse, How exciting you’ll be able to visit with your dad soon. I was really happy my mom could visit with me earlier this month and see our new home. It meant a lot to me.

      I’m actually having a “cancer check-up” today. For my type, and the ongoing medical oncology I am on, I’ll have check-ups for 8-10 years. Today is a new doctor. New location, new doctor. In fact all the “ists” are new and there are surprisingly a lot of them. Hubby is seeing ophthalmologist today, and audiologist tomorrow. On our calendars Dr appointments seem to come in spurts.

      I haven’t been planning for 18+ months, and found I really miss planning things to do. I might slow down in the future, but right now, I love a blend of days – some with nothing but hanging at home – reading and writing and gardening, and some with being out & about, doing things and taking with people. I’ve got 9 “things to plan/do” on my fall list. One’s done, 2 are booked (tickets bought). And I’m quite excited.

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  4. “Nagging hubby weekly to work on office and garage sorting, organization, and de-cluttering/donating.”

    So true. We are planning our big move to Washington State, so all of this going on plus getting quotes on from movers etc. this fall.

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    1. Some advice I didn’t take…get rid of stuff before you move! Yeah, I heard the same thing from many, and didn’t get rid of nearly enough stuff. Now, things are still piled, stored in multiple locations (where is the X question is often answered, here or here or here), and I paid to move many things that are now being donated. No, you won’t use it. No, you really don’t need it. No, you won’t have the space for it. And yeah, you’ll probably want new things (design/ sizing) for the new space!

      I love the Pacific Northwest and it was on the “possible” move to list, except hubby is a water-rat. Good luck with your move!


  5. I’m so glad that you looked back and realized that you have accomplished a lot this past summer!!!! You really did do a lot! Way more than most would have done in that amount of time!!! We moved into the house basically a year ago and I have yet to get my address changed on my license! LOL I keep forgetting or putting it off. Dealing with the DMV is soooooooooooo much fun!
    I bet your fall will be stunning! With cooling weather but still gorgeous, you will figure it all out!
    My fall seems to look a lot like my summer. Dancing, working out, and trying to keep a clean diet. We do have a couple small trips planned if Covid doesn’t stop them. And on my “cheat” days we are exploring some of our local food fare.
    Here’s to a fabulously fun fall for all!

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    1. Candyse, love the “fabulously fun fall” alliteration. Last night, I learned that the neighborhood comes out of it’s self-imposed hibernation when the evening temps cool! There were pockets of conversation, groups of folks walking together, lots of dogs out. Of course, sunset is earlier (7:15 here), so we might need to modify dinner time if we want to engage. And I’ve got to figure out small talk with strangers.

      Also, good luck with DMV. Here, everything went to “by appointment” there, so confirm before you go. We needed local license for a number of other things, so it was high on the to-do list.


  6. Hi Pat – I;d love to see some photos of your new home – the kitchen sounds beautiful. Maybe you could do a Florida post one day? Glad you found some joyful moments in amongst the settling in and acclimatising. I hope Autumn brings a lot of happiness with it for you xx

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    1. Leanne, Now I need to both take some decent pictures of the kitchen (learning curve – the ones I’ve done are not post-able!) and learn how to post multiple pictures on my blog. You have certainly set up a challenge for me!


  7. Ah yes, this is part of (most of?) my problem. I’m not retired of course (just unemployed) but I get anxious when I have plans or commitments. I’ve always been the same. Having said that I’m a planner and list maker but the ‘having to do things’ (even fun things) stresses me out. But of course it means I spend far too much time at home and wallowing. So….

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    1. Deborah, I live with a non-planner. He’s also a non-list maker. I’m never quite sure if he merely tolerates my planning, or appreciates it, as about 50% of the time, it involves him! He makes fun of my lists, but usually enjoys the things to do. I’ve learned for me I need a good mix of “wallow” days and “out & about” days. He needs many more wallow days. To each his (or her) own!

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